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 Post subject: Description of Region & Castle Interior (2015 update)
PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 6:25 pm 
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Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:42 pm

Description of Surrounding Region
& Castle Interior

The fortress is based in the west of the Empire. Carved into the base of a mountainside that overlooks an enormous fertile vale known as the Valley of Horses. While Deathstalker is home to an abundance of races, the west is typically perceived as human territory as they are most numerous here.

The twin capitals of Immortalis and Sovereign City exist on opposite ends of the aforementioned valley, with the latter being furthest away from the castle. Bastions of civilisation that reflect the natural light of the sky from their walls and spires, these population havens are economically and culturally vibrant, as well as boasting impressive military capabilities.

Typically, one would travel from Immortalis up a gradually sloping incline of rocks and barren landscape, leaving the Valley of Horses behind and passing through Old Town, itself a small hamlet. After some more riding, the ill-omened image of a dragon skull signifies the frontwards facing castle.

Once you’ve used the ominous entrance to pass into the interior of the fortress, you are typically searched for weapons and mystical artefacts where an appraisal of an individual’s threat is ascertained. On rare occasions, items may be confiscated, or an Imperial Sorcerer summoned; if the guards do not feel qualified to make a judgement. In most cases, blades are fastened and bound in their sheaths. Traditionally tied with silk chord, serving as a symbolic promise on behalf of whomever passes this way, that they will refrain from aggression and acts of violence. Unless doing so is to preserve the sanctity of those that dwell within.

The opulence of the Great Hall (also known as the Throne Room) includes a mosaic ceiling; an intricate tapestry that many have described as a moving picture. Visualizing over seven hundred years of rich Deathstalker history. Craning one’s neck to look upwards and for long enough, ensured to capture the imagination -- as the grandest of tales is illustrated before their eyes.

Marbled floors are polished so thoroughly as to reflect the very faces of people looking at their shoes. While huge gleaming pillars give the room a sense of weight and importance.

Monolithic statues also line the walls. Effigies of family, friends, heroes and villains are glorified in granite in remembrance of Ages long since passed. Famous historical figures that forged legends upon battlefields and in political arenas. Tribute is made and images immortalised in stone, usually for the Monarch’s personal gratification.

Servants walk in and out of multitudes of smaller doors in-between the grandiose statues leading to other areas of prominence within the castle. These include the dining hall, kitchens, library, war-room, private chambers and studies. Well-articulated and speaking a number of languages, these maids and butlers are trained in the highest standards of courtesy and etiquette, supplying guests with a never-ending flow of drinks and food.

Accommodated by regal architecture that ensure an imposing fireplace is structured into the corner of the eastern wall, flames are continually tended to. Blazing majestically, they are enhanced by Elementalists so they rise higher, burn brighter and for longer duration. Emanating an atmospheric glow, this space is typically used as a common-area for guests and residents of the fortress. Comfortable chairs draped in bearskin providing a place for the weary to sit and rest.

Meanwhile Imperial Scribes are frequently inking contracts of temporary residence and allocating rooms to visitors. Subject to the Crown’s approval of course and usually handled by the chief-scribe Duncan, who is in direct service to their Royal Highnesses.

Two gilded chairs belonging to Emperor Drenai & Empress Alessandrah Deathstalker are elevated upon a dais and proceeded by seven stone slabs. The Thrones exuding might and elegance. Each are engraved with Runes -- strange shapes and swirling arcane symbols, carved deep into the cold surface of the aforementioned steps. They contain a forgotten Magic. If the spells are triggered, an impenetrable shield is manifest within the immediate vicinity of the sitting Rulers, as well as projecting a volatile wave of energy against would-be-attackers. Meanwhile a dedicated contingent of Royal Spearmen are tasked solely with the role of lining the steps. Positioned in pairs and stood parallel of each other. Theirs is the honour of guarding Drenai & Alessandrah.

The splendour of the Throne Room typically accommodates the wealthiest aristocrats, the most influential dukes, duchesses, lords and ladies. Not to mention an array of colourful nobles both from these shores and abroad.

Yet the bureaucracy that fill the marbled chamber are not alone. Aside from famous heroes and adventurers who by virtue of their courage have won the favour of the Crown; thus granted invitation to walk amidst these prestigious corridors of power -- the single largest entity inhabiting Deathstalker Castle are the Military. Whilst specialised units are structured into guilds, it is the core standardized Imperial Guards maintaining a consistent visual presence.

(NPC’s to be Role-played by Moderators and Hosts at their convenience).

Standing at full attention outside doorways and monitoring intersecting hallways that twist and snake throughout the architectural wonder of the fortress, the Imperial Guards are dedicated to maintaining order and efficiency within the castle. Clad in pristine yet functional armour befitting of their rank; it is not uncommon to see these men equipped with swords, shields and crossbows. They are usually found scrutinizing passers-by, providing escort, denying entry and when the need calls for it – responding to random acts of violence. Their simplistic yet effective strategy is to bombard their opponents with superior numbers. Overwhelming foes and dragging them away to the dungeons for interrogation.

“ Enjoy your stay…”


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