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 Post subject: Deathstalker Castle (2015 update)
PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:56 am 
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Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:42 pm

At the very heart of the Deathstalker Empire -the apex- if you will, stands the formidable Deathstalker Castle. Brooding and unwavering. Colossal and without equal. It has weathered the passage of time; and served as a legendary fortress during the reign of Emperor Drenai and the five Titan Monarchs that succeeded him, generations later. Its walls reach nearly sixty foot high, four hundred paces across in width, with towers every fifty paces to consolidate strength. All sealed behind an old drawbridge.

Deathstalker Castle

A fusion of might & mysticism.

A fortress that harbours the raw energy of light & dark.

The power of Heaven & Hell entrenched in the stone. The converging streams of abyssal & celestial powers caught in a rare cross-section, like two separate bolts of lightning colliding and solidifying.

For the Deathstalker dynasty laud both their weight and authority here most of all, at the very epicentre of the Empire. The soul of the Realm if you will – housed in this deeply elaborate, enchanted bastion.

Coveted by a myriad of rival kingdoms scattered along the light & dark hemispheres of Larlandarl.

The gigantic skull of a dragon engineered into the structural frame of the architecture; projecting a ferocious and ominous image.

Folk made to grovel at the mouth of the drawbridge as if it were an altar.

This fortress not so much built, in as much as it has manifested from out of the mountainside. Emanating a feeling of dread. It is jagged and terrifying. A seamless flow between the earth-floor and the walls of the stronghold. Sculptured by unseen hands.

As if the bones of the world projected themselves out of the ground and made this place, by the will of something ancient and deep.

Further to that, it conforms to no interior-structural law. Not adhering to the physics and realities of the world, but ones of its own making. As if it were autonomous of Larlandarl.

The castle speculated to be far larger on the inside than what appears on the out. Rather it has been suggested to be a kind of pocket-dimension. It harbours innumerable secrets and yet to the untrained observer – outside of its unusual architecture, Deathstalker presents itself as a regular castle. Complete with all the usual fixtures one would expect - such as a throne room, library, war-room, government offices, apartments, armoury, barracks and dungeons. Albeit – exhibiting an archaic refinement not in keeping with contemporary designs of (comparatively) modern strongholds.

Statues of mysterious elders, marbled floors, pillars, columns and marvellous mosaics – all of a bygone era; both confuse and inspire. Installing a sense of wonder in the visitor.

Today, Deathstalker Castle is home to Emperor Drenai & Empress Alessandrah. However, they are not responsible for its existence. In fact no one is quite sure who built it, or when.

Needless to say, the Deathstalker family acquired the fortress some 700 years ago. And have used it as the platform for their political and military governing ever since.

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