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 Post subject: Chat Room Etiquette (2015 update)
PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 9:12 am 
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Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:42 pm

Chat-Room Etiquette

    It is customary to welcome new arrivals into the chat room. This should be perceived as standard practice on most occasions.

    The authority of the hosts in the chat room should not be questioned. If a player carries a gold or brown hammer it is because the management has deemed them to be of sound judgement. Please observe their instructions.

    No guest names. These are too impersonal. Naming your character makes them unique and special. You are all storytellers. Equally so, the name you choose must reflect the genre of the setting. (Medieval, heroic fantasy)

    Parking in the chat room is usually permitted. We have no qualms with people wishing to enjoy the stories we weave as it helps new arrivals grasp both the genre and premise of the setting. Especially if they are new to this version of roleplay.

    Deathstalker is a kill zone. However combat will have to be approved by the management of the group and should be prearranged between players.

    No consistent out of character (OOC) outbursts in the chat room during active play. Moderate jokes and brief interchanges are fine – but outright conversations ruin both the illusion and mystique of the setting. Please make use of the personal whisper function.

    Players in the chat room are required to make an entrance with their character. Otherwise, they won’t be considered to be in active play. Equally so – a player can only interact with characters whom themselves have posted some kind of entrance.

    If people wish to play out scenes of a sexual nature, it should be discrete and resigned to private whisper rather than in the main room, where it will be deemed as inappropriate.

    Post length. There could be lots of reasons for a player's short post. Disability, dyslexia, maybe English isn't their first language. Whatever the case, we're all people. Just keep in mind you get out what you put in.


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