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 Post subject: Group Policy (2015 update)
PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 8:49 am 
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Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:42 pm

Players should be no younger than 18 usually. The group requires a certain maturity level. However exceptions may be made on certain occasions.

Please be polite and respectful towards each other. Good manners cost us nothing. If players are found to be consistently disparaging, rude or abusive – their membership will be revoked.

Turn based combat (or TB) is the only recognised form of fighting. Deathstalker is also a kill zone.

Players must have a detailed roleplay profile. It doesn’t have to be Shakespearian – just as long as some effort has been made so others grasp the premise of the character and appreciate the vision behind it. If you find this challenging please ask someone to help. I would be happy to lend my assistance.

Deathstalker is set in its own dimension. Therefore the setting has a certain autonomy. Players may make use of portals to facilitate travel here from other worlds. However the Deathstalker Empire uses a unique brand of dimensional doorway facilitated by demi goddesses known as the Crystal Queens. They are the only permitted channels of entry and exit.

The setting cannot be altered or damaged in anyway. Players are unable to cast spells that are going to destroy the castle or turn everyone into ash. While the use of Magic is encouraged, players must appreciate that their location, surroundings, scenery and background are preset.

Only authorized players (usually the moderators) are permitted to control large quantities of NPC's (Non Player Characters) that would constitute even passing resemblance to an army.

The use of science and technological references are not permitted. So no laser guns and space ships. The reason for this is self explanatory.

If players commit to a storyline and don’t finish it – the others involved have the right to decide its outcome.

Try not to take this too seriously. It’s a game. Don’t make yourself look foolish by getting worked up as you’ll only embarrass yourself. We won’t think you’re a badass. Just a bit silly.

Feel free to make creative suggestions regarding ways we can improve the group. We want your experience with us to be fun.


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