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 Post subject: The End Is Nigh Upon Us{Final Battle w/Belial Full Log}
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Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:33 am

Drenai Deathstalker: :: Drenai. Emperor of the greatest Empire in existence, stood on the precipice of The Rift. A defiant avatar of war. Clad in gothic battle regalia as he led the masses against the Paleblood. Worn near his breastplate on a chain, was a jagged red ruby, which shone with volatile, unpredictable power. Retrieved from an esoteric tomb, >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> in the Wasteland of Nede. Known as the Stone of Chaos, the Titan had smashed his fist through a demonic ribcage, to claim it. The crystallised object emitting wild, combustible energy, wherever the leviathan roamed, engulfing him in a fiery silhouette. Carrying not one, but two large battle axes, he struck the collective consciousness >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> of the Paleblood. A fierce, nigh archetypical image to contend with. One the enemy had no answer for. For he was Doom, Vengeance. He was Deathstalker, embodied in spirit and action. Although similar, each weapon fulfilled different tasks. Forged from the spine of a demon, Basilisk exhibited longer reach. Dragged along the ground, >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> in a manner not dissimilar to a scythe. The curvature of its wider blade maintaining a lower centre of gravity, carving through ceaseless tides. Twisting his waist, deploying a steady rhythm, as if reaping crops. Mowing through them with a steady, almost industrious repetition. Should the odd straggler avoid its wide, horizontal cut however, >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> condemnation was waiting from another source. This time above, Soul Bleeder’s glinting metal falling on them. Launched abruptly from Drenai’s shoulder when the need arose. Momentum and gravity working in tandem, like a remorseless guillotine. Built for an executioner, it adhered to its function well, evidenced by the scores >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> of decapitations wrought in its wake. Malformed heads rolling in the aftermath of the Titan’s demolishing torrent. Though for every Paleblood he slayed, more would emerge. The fight never ending. Driven on and beyond the point of exhaustion, only pride and an innate sense of survival saw him fall back. >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> A column of fire engulfing the ground where he stood, as the Dragon Riders soared overhead. Buying the Emperor time, he negotiated a route back towards the city walls. The portcullis clanging against the cobblestone, while heavy oak doors were immediately sealed as he and the soldiers that followed, ran through. >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> Resigned to the fact there was only one way to truly end this conflict. Thus saddled in his Nightmare Steed soon after, Drenai headed up the sloping incline, his destination being the mountainous stronghold. Despite the great dweomer Valance had performed, to illuminate and inspire by replicating sunlight, >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> it had been fleeting and eventually snuffed out completely by the encroaching curse which suffocated the Realm, almost in its entirety. It seemed as if Larlandarl was truly damned by this perpetual state. This Eternal Night.::

Viktor Fallon:|| Endless wave after endless wave. General Viktor Fallon had been at the forefront of every skirmish between the Paleblood and the men, women, and creatures of the Deathstalker Empire. There had been no fight the immortal had not partake in. A beacon of hope for the soldiers, even with the fury of his wife amidst the chaos elsewhere, alone. Wanting nothing more than to go to her aid, Viktor could not leave the men to fight alone, to push back this threat alone. It had been his duty to the Empire. Twin >
Viktor Fallon: scimitars always a staple to the man, a flurry of steel and fire, though the blades had been taken from him. Destroyed, lost, damaged beyond repair. A sad day for the swordsman, but there would always be more. One blade, a large sword that sheathed to his back, Viktor found the ancient weapon during the very first fight for Immortalis. The siege, Ripped from the dead, the magical blade was a conduit for what Viktor was, channeling the pure ether from the very realm to become a larger more dangerous >
Viktor Fallon: greatsword. The call to hold had sounded. This was it. Every last man and woman capable of fighting was to hold their position there. Keep the Paleblood from pushing back. Keep them from advancing on the city. This time... This fight... They would be alone. Falling back with the Emperor, his brother, Viktor had reluctantly left the battlefield for the first time since everything had started. Hands stained by blood, a deep cut along his cheek, Viktor should have fallen. But even death could not keep the >
Viktor Fallon: man down. Now there was another task at hand. Another place that required his expertise. And so, Viktor rode beside the Emperor, eyes ahead, though the sounds of the fighting and dying heavy in the air. Words had not been needed. They both knew the stakes. They both knew what had to be done. The General was no more. Not a soldier in this moment, that Ethereal Wanderer once again ready to take his blade to the unknown. ||

Gabrielle Deathstalker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R45M4jYmE2g Song... )
Gabrielle Deathstalker: There was no denying that the Stallu Alpha was not only injured but slowing from exhaustion. How long had the Regent been out there? Alone? Gabbie did not know. Without the rise and fall of the sun and the moon she had no way of keeping track of time. Hours for sure. Many of them. Somewhere beneath the pile of bodies who had died at her hands was her sword, Ambassador, forgoing it in favor of her natural weapons. Teeth, brute force, and claws. The Winterkiss –c-
Gabrielle Deathstalker: Golems were slowing too. Where there were once twenty or more of the eight and a half foot ice golems now, the numbers had dwindled into the teens. The beast’s swings of claws and teeth were wild and often threw her down to the ground. Staggering under blood loss and exhaustion. They would not beat her… -d-

The Sovereign Lady: From the other end of the once luscious valley, Kirsten and her small army of near-giants called the huntsmen, charged toward the Paleblood on horseback. Having holed up in Sovereign City after their initial fight word had reached the Sovereign Lady that the Stallu pack belonging to her father’s favorite wolf had received word of the battle and their loss of a beta. That they were coming in full numbers but just needed the escort. So, escort was given, Kirsten and her men|c|
The Sovereign Lady: leading what looked to be a river of Stallu descending down through the pass toward the mayhem of the Rift. |d|

Gabrielle Deathstalker: At the front of the charge of these wolves was none other than Gabrielle’s father. Hundreds of Stallu descended upon the Paleblood infestation. Shock hit Gabbie as she saw the Sovereign Lady and the Stallu… more Stallu than she’d ever known all joining the fray. As fewer and fewer Palebloods were paying attention to Gabrielle the beast staggered some more and then, just before collapsing heard the sweetest words she could ever hope for. ‘Its okay.’ The voice of her children –c-
Gabrielle Deathstalker: with their hands all petting her injured muzzle. ‘We’re here mommy. We’re okay.’ –d-

Synthia:Synthia stood within the great hall staring up at the murals on the ceiling. Watching as their magical means moved the images that told of great battles. Would this go up on a ceiling as a day of redemption or was she about to sentence all of Larlandarl to eternal darkness under Belial’s rule. As she stood there the air in the room changed. The people bustling about around her slowed to a stop. Time. Stood. Still. From behind her the scent of sulfur. ‘It is done. We will aid you in ~c~
Synthia:your quest. Belial threatens our way of life and my Father, will not tolerate such insolence. I will rally our forces. Demons fighting on the side of angels. Disgusting.’ Before Synthia could turn to face the voice the people around her were moving again. It would seem the Arch-Priestess had indeed made a deal with the devil. That caused a small smile. “There is no difference between angels and demons… only those who fell and those who fly. We are two parts of a whole. Without ~c~
Synthia:the light there would be no dark. Without the dark, the light would provide no hope.” Who was she talking to? Whoever that was and whoever was listening. A deep breath was taken in. Let it begin. ~d~

Jade: In the darkness of night a shadow had stepped amid one camp of palebloods, fingers curled loosely about the hilt of two small swords. Blood stained the earth around the camp, limbs strewn about leaving an untold tale to be found when the mist fled. A torch was dropped upon the collections of dismembered demon carcasses, a camp clearly defiled -c-
Jade: and eradicated. Blackened leather splattered with blood and tiny bits of gore, the left pauldron actually had a piece missing from it and a tooth left embedded within it. Blood dribbled from a gash that laid open against her right thigh. A shadow... One that held little love for the beings currently residing beyond the gates. Steel flashed as -c-
Jade: day should of broken, even out here she could hear the discourse as the Emperor safely pushed into the city itself. Still bathed in that darkness, Jade depended more upon that sense of smell. Slipping off into the trees before emerging in the next camp unannounced and prepared to slaughter them all. -e-

Shaughnessy: I have to go, but here is Ness's contribution on the forum, in both the RP section and here, in the Visitor's section to skip need to log in: http://deathstalkerempire.com/viewtopic ... f450adcbef ))
Shaughnessy: [RP] [ BELIAL ENDGAME: HEAVEN'S GATE. Shaughnessy's Role. ] ))

Lady Knight: The Knight had meant one of her own last night, but it wasn't that that kept her busy. She was moving out of the building she had, sleep had finally hit her last night as she had been so tired, but now there was something in the air, a feeling, the power, things were getting more and more out of control, she could hear the death, the pain, the anger, and here she came, her sword at her side, her sticks at the other side, where she was going to go she didn't know, did the Emperor need her at his side or did>
Lady Knight: she need to be on the field fighting, well at least her people were on the field, she had sent half of her people to the field and half of them were still here, with her, keeping what was left of the order alive, she knew that a lot of people were going to die, a lot of her own men died. She moved slowly toward the castle, her men and women in the shadows were following her. She moved toward the castle, it was the best place to start. Finally making it, she wondered who was going to be around, the woman>
Lady Knight: needed to be around for this battle, she didn't know why. Perhaps it was the sticks that were talking or it was the need to be close to the royal family, one that she had been serving for a long time now, well since she came to DeathStalker and a family she had become friends with or at least some of them. Entering the great hall she saw the Princess, Synthia, and she smiled slightly, at least she appeared to be okay moving toward her, She bowed her head. "I am here to serve, princess" she said softly but>
Lady Knight: in a polite manner, giving her her sword in a manner of speaking.~

Aezer Ryzen: he had been up and at the wall ever since the start of this war... hell he even went out on the battle fields with the General, Viktor. Dedicating his time with his bow and his long knives... even at the very least he went into his were cougar form. Till he almost started to feel the pull from there being no sun but only the moon. Being in his
Aezer Ryzen: elven form helped... for some odd reasoning... to keep him from being turned though and so when he went back to that form... his knives would come back out. Shadowlings all around himself as well to help out where they could... eventually though he would find that he needed rest and out from these lands and into the Shadow Realms did he disappear
Aezer Ryzen: to, to take the much needed breaks but he would also keep the shadowlings out on the field... they did not need the rests that he needed, after all. They were only sort of like Wraiths... his ancestrals helping him where he needed it most. Coming and going in and out of the shadows, which were many out on the field of battle and especialy when
Aezer Ryzen: there was the new born sun's rays out and about for a few days. He was sort of blinded when it first came out and actually retreated only to slowly slip from the Shadow Realms as to get used to the fact it was out there but that only took a few slow minutes... and even time to give him an extra boost to suddenly go into his were cougar form once
Aezer Ryzen: more to wreak the havoc he seemed to likely to cause for the pale bloods or whatever was out on the field... not on thier own side.~

Chimera: :: High above the Battlefield, using the Darkness as a cover, Celeste had taken to weaving the Darkness, creating constructs and beings left and right to aid in the fray against the Palebloods. While, more often than not, She preferred to be on the ground, dueling with some blundering Demon, She had found that Her talents in Darkness manipulation served better and cut a wider swath through the oncoming forces. Wraiths flew through the opposing army, cutting down anything in their paths. The Female above>
Chimera: doing Her best to guide them away from the DeathStalker forces so that, at least, their lives would be spared by the horrid creatures. Abyssal eyes tracked the progression of the Emperor and His small contingent as they left the field, leathery wings beating strongly against the air as She released the Wraiths, the Shadows engulfing them as She turned to follow through the sky. ::

Iskandar: Perturbation was something that was expected among the masses that accompanied their axe-wielding emperor, who pushed himself through the flood of Palebloods flawlessly like a laborer to the fields of wheat within the summertime, blood secreting into the soil like fresh rain from the lobbed heads and bodies that easily fell away at his sharp <c>
Iskandar: hands of death. Among those that were about the crowds was the nobleman, a man not borne for fighting and had no magical property to him was roused and rallied to the speech that the leviathan had given to the masses. Donned in the appropriate battle gear, his family’s insignia, a black stretched out bird etched into the front of his black <c>
Iskandar: stallion Morgul, who was adorned in the colors of the empire readily launched forward, its large hooves thundering into the ground cleaving chunks of beaten down land as it gained speed towards their intended destination. Larlandarl was as much his land as it was to the people that came in after their titan, who loomed in height over those that <c>
Iskandar: rode beside him, giving the overall feeling of strength and endurance to his people, like the beacon of hope, known as Vitkor Fallon, the General who had entered the fray since the beginning, fighting alongside with his men right down to tooth and nail to protect these planes from these pests that sought to snuff out what remaining light that <c>
Iskandar: this realm contained. Through the sounds of swords clashing and blades causing this infestation to the fall to their knees, his elven ears perked up at what sounded like distant guttural growls and the thudding of something heavy upon the compressed ground. With a snap of his neck, he saw hundreds of Stallu coming in to further aid the emperor <c>
Iskandar: and those that pushed through the warzone, hinting to him that the General’s wife was also among those that came forth to tear at the flesh of the Palebloods. Immediately, he understood the sacrifices being made around him, that they were all here, just as he, to sever the strings of the puppet master that dictated this everlasting night. <c>
Iskandar: Pushing his booted heels into the sides of the dark beast that he rode, Morgul understand his master’s intentions and took to galloping harder across the grounds venturing in after the emperor who had taken the strategic approach to approach back towards the city walls, he followed, indubious in his intentions to follow through with the promise <c>
Iskandar: that he had made with the moon-hair human yesterday, that he would see her through these atramentous skies and see to it that she, as well as many others, made it out, even if his helping hand was small, it was proven that he too went forth to help in the small band of people that followed the royal separating themselves from the battlefield. ::e::

Drenai Deathstalker: :: Some months ago, before things had gotten really bad, prior to the emergence of the primordial shadow over Larlandarl’s dual suns, the Emperor had shared important words with the Arch Priestess. Granddaughter of the Titan, Synthia Deathstalker. He’d asked her to consider the possibility of a journey unlike any other. >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> One they’d embark on together, given her unique understanding of the divine. Something deemed a last resort, should the Empire be threatened beyond reasonable doubt. Alas, finally that day had arrived. The doors to the Great Hall swinging open as he stalked through to find her. Should Synthia be present, his gaze would undoubtedly >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> befall his granddaughter. His lavender stare reading the woman’s expression as he removed his helm. “Hail child of Wrath.” The leviathan’s bearded face covered with scratches, swellings and scars. No longer handsome, rather he was grizzled and hardened by the deeds which had come to define his legend. “Come with me.” >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> His words steeped not merely with weight, but a sense of destiny as well. One that felt tangible and real. Beside him was the General of the West, Viktor Fallon, the nobleman Iskandar and the winged demon, Chimera. Nevertheless, while the Arch Priestess may have anticipated this moment, Drenai was a man who dealt in suggestion >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> and half-truths, as rulers were often prone, by way of habit and orchestration. Meaning he’d painted Synthia a picture, but done so with broad strokes that lacked detail and context. All intentional in case he needed to backtrack later. Unfortunately, the opposite was true. The plan was a go and more importantly, wouldn’t be accomplished >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> without her assistance and insight. The objective had previously been established, namely to reach the celestial stratospheres occupied by the gods. What some religions called Heaven. A task she was uniquely qualified to assist him with. What he hadn’t told her about however, told no one of in fact, was the Empire’s best kept secret. >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> Therein lay the Revelation.::

Neveah: The final battle was here and it was one for the ages, even as she stood outside the city walls defending it. Defending her home from certain destruction, as the city itself could only take so much more. At her beck and call was a wall of white robed wizards that were a part of the military branch of the Arcane Order. They were known as the War Wizards, hence the reason, as their Captain of sorts, Nevaeh was known as the War Witch. Standing strong with as a small faction, numbers really meant nothing at>
Neveah: that point, of pale bloods marched upon the city while the Emperor fought at the Rift. Someone had to stay behind and make sure there was even a home to come to. A task she took seriously as she did her own life, willing to sacrifice it if needed, but she wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Turning on her booted heels she’d look at the hundred strong and able Wizards at her command as the sound of palebloods approaching filled the endless night air around them. “I hope you all kissed your loved ones,>
Neveah: for tonight we may not all make it out alive… but this is a cause worth fighting for… A cause to keep our home of the Empire safe from the likes of them… So how bout it boys, let’s go roast us some PaleBloods” she’d smirk, considering she’d speak loud enough for the lot of them to hear. As she’d turn on her heels again to face the scourge that threatened them, wearing all black dragon scale armor with a skirt embellished with steel dragon on her hip grasping the same stone her staff held, a large ruby that>
Neveah: shone like fire. A fire that seemingly burned within the sorceress, the War Witch, the one that had every intention of taking as many PaleBloods down with her to hell if that was where battle was going to take her. With a battle cry that pierced the night air she’d dig her feet into the soft ground that surrounded the city walls. Palebloods only the distance of a 120 yards away from the group of Wizards and a Witch, as she was the only one like a dark shadow among the sea of white. Fierce in her cries as<
Neveah: she’d jump into action disappearing in a cloud of smoke like darkness appearing before them all. Her swords clashing with the first wave as magic started to fly through the air. Casting eerie light and shadows across the ground as fire, lightning, and spirit energies were flung upon the advancing army of what she could only count as thousands. Tonight was a good night to die if she had to choose one, much like the man she had taken as her own lover would say, ‘To die in battle is a good way to die.’ A>
Neveah: Spartan through and through that man and his ideologies were rubbing off on the woman as she thrust herself into the thick of the battle running her blades through PaleBlood flesh watching as their innards fell to the ground. Using bodies of the dead to her advantage as many swung blades, halberds and spears at her only to embed their blades into their fallen comrades. D>

Synthia:Synthia had indeed followed her father. Giving a nod to the Lady Kat. The woman would have to forgive if the angel seemed distracted. These were it. The doors. This was the moment that she and her aunt had been preparing for. As Synthia prepared her place near the towering ‘door’ glances were repeatedly given to the woman who, for the first time since her mother, she looked up to as a comfort. As a guiding mentor of strength. Though as Nessy spoke the things she did, ~c~
Synthia:Synthia remained silent. Focusing all her energy on drawing the needed runes on the floor in a vast circle in front of the pillars. Those tawny colored wings expanded from the scarred slits in her back. Opening to their full six-wing size an inheritance from her mother. Blood dripped from the bones of her wings onto the runes on the floor providing the necessary connections. Synthia stood in the center of the circle. Eyes closing to better focus. Hand motions combined with the ~c~
Synthia:whispered words of an ancient language. A divine language that would sound as gibberish to any not of divine nature. Slowly the runes around her on the floor began to glow casting a light around the feet of the angel, spiraling up along her legs, her body and feeding directly into her heart and her wings. “The door will hold open. Aunt Shaughnessy will anchor you so you may pass back through. May the Goddess guide your blades to swiftly defeat our foe. I will be here when you return.” ~c~
Synthia:One final hand motion and Synthia thrust open palms toward the gate. Divine light poured from her hands to start unlocking the door. One by one… runes on the posts on either side of the door lit up until finally the door itself opened. A portal more than a door. And now, her job was merely to hold it. To focus. ~d~

Synthia:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16J-EQelr40 Music... for your mood... )

Jade: Rivers would nearly glow red with the amount of blood that had been freed during the course of this invasion, she had half a mind covered in it as she was to flee and yet that wasn't an option. Nor was cowering in some shelter while the world around her went to hell in a hand basket. Even the space between had found itself under siege -c-
Jade: by those devils capable of piercing it. Another was dispatched, arm following through with the motion of a jab as the sword echoed through the otherside. Stepping of the squirming body she would yank back, twisting the blade as she went so that the demon was opened entirely. It was felt, a wet slapping against her side and then the -c-
Jade: stinging that followed, the shadows about her opened up before she was swallowed by them. It should of been an escape, that near alternate reality. Instead she was expelled from it just as quickly as they had opened up to allow her in. It wasn't the woods where she had been, instead she was tossed into the middle of another -c-
Jade: encampment closer to the gates. This time though they seemed prepared to meet her. -e-

Lady Knight: Turning her head to the woman and then to the Emperor, she took him in, with all the people there with him, Chimera, Viktor, and Iskandar. She wasn't sure what was going on, but she was going to come with them, she had to, it was her duty to be beside the Emperor as a Knight. Her eyes moved over them before she moved toward the doors that had appeared in the room, she was going to go with them. Her eyes moved toward the group and then she decided she would be there. She was armed to a T as normal, sword at>
Lady Knight: one side and her sticks t the other side, at least she had learned how to control the fire to use them. Her eyes moved to the man as she moved toward him and bowed her head so he knew that she was there for them, that she was part of this whole thing, she needed to be, perhaps to prove to herself that the things that she saw were real. It was kind of a selfish reason, but no one needed to know. She said nothing as she feel into the line beside the Emperor and the others that were going on this adventure..>
Lady Knight: quest thing where people could die.~

Aezer Ryzen: they may have expected that of Jade but what of another and one that would come in and out of the shadows with his body guards... made of those shadows as well? probably not.. .which was an advantage to Jade for he would use his bow... literaly to either trip up one or two before his shadowlings slipped out and finished the job.. or he would come
Aezer Ryzen: up from behind the female and be at her back... kinda... hopefully not to be stabbed or anything by her. Taking care of those things that tried to scewer her from that nearly blinded spot behind her. He needed arrows damn it! he loved to use those arrows for more than their normal purposes... think Legolas... heheheh... He would simply continue to
Aezer Ryzen: dash in and out to be of a surprise where ever he tried to be... damn he even tried to hand Jade that of a vial that would help with any wounds she may already have... IF she trusted him that is. It was nearly hit out of his hand though by a pale blood that thought it wise to get in the middle of himself and Jade and with a snarling of a feline...
Aezer Ryzen: not a elven male did those golden eyes gleam and the strength of his were cougar form come forth... still elven though... and thrust that particular pale blood back. Disappeared only to reappear in behind the pale blood as it started to charge towards Jade... yeah that was not going to happen in the least and the pale blood would be hacked down
Aezer Ryzen: from behind by a huge black sword that started to swiftly freeze the creature from the inside... out.~

Chimera: :: Booted feet hit the ground in an abrupt thud as She landed at the doorway of the Castle, Her leathery wings folded back as She fell into step with the Emperor's own entourage. There was no immediate acknowledgement of those around Her, not so much as a glance. She was, after all, still considered a Rogue by those in question. A female bent on heeding naught but Her own Will and Desires. There really wasn't even a need so say anything. Only to follow. Which, for the moment, She was content enough >
Chimera: do without qualm. The booted footfalls of the others rang in Her ears, none of which able to cease their soft thumping enough to miss Her attention. Thump, thump, thump. Each step a 'base' beat in Her mind. Even the sounds of leather and armor creaking adding to the 'music' that was part of the party's progression. Where they lead, She followed, for no better reason than to simple kill something and prove that She was not so 'Roguish' a person after all, but perhaps a silent, unwavering sentry. ::

Iskandar: Whilst the band that followed in after the titan was small, the elven lord kept close, light gray eyes overseeing the unfolding events before his eyes. Even if the opal flower had not been fully coherent in the entirety of the situation, he understood the pivotal roles that each of these people that entered played. Discreetly, he followed, his <c>
Iskandar: rapier lightly clanging at his side which step he took to fall in line in after the axe-wielder and those that were at his side, he kept his mouth shut, moving forward with aplomb intention, unaware of the emperor’s clandestine esoteric knowledge. ::e::

Drenai Deathstalker: :: With Synthia, Iskandar and Chimera along with whomever else deemed worthy, beckoned, the Axe-Man gestured for them to follow. Their exit from the marbled Throne Room, almost anticlimactic, as they walked beneath a stone arch and through a door left of centre. Itself situated in an inconspicuous corridor, >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> adjacent to the Great Hall. Here were rows of statues that lined the wall. Legends to be immortalised in granite, lest they be forgotten. Drenai briefly gazing up at the stone faces of Caledonia, Casim, Tahli and Altur. “It wasn’t for nothing,” he muttered under his breath with a smile. Knowing they lived on in his memory of them. >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> Cape billowing in the wake of his passing as a series of labyrinthine passageways were travelled through, followed by steps. Then more steps. Their gradual decent marked by the smooth finish of the wall, as the castle’s structural surroundings and gothic architecture gradually subsided. Replaced by something uneven and jagged. >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> The Emperor gesturing to the flaming torches affixed along the route of their descent. Seizing the nearest to him from the wall. “Take one.” The group now finding themselves in a cavernous environment. Faith in their stoic leader was not misplaced though, who implored them to keep going. “Not much further.” >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> Visibility by this point, surely hindered were it not for the fire they carried. Legend often told of the spatial misplacement equated with Deathstalker Castle, rumoured to be far larger within, than the projection of its colossal exterior. What became apparent quickly though, was that they’d not merely transitioned into the mountain >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> from which Drenai’s stronghold was engineered against. Rather they’d gone much further than that. Finding themselves deep below ground. Now looking up at the stalactites, which compounded their sense of depth.::

Eris Dharkhearte: [:: Skirts had been traded for leathers and armor long ago. The casting of Shadow over the land of Larlandarl aiding to Her already dark abilities. She knew not why they fought, nor what had come about to warrant such a force to press against the very gates of the Empire. She only knew that, so long as She stood, Herself and Her people had an Oath to Honor. On the outside of the Gates, fighting alongside the Empires own men and women, the reining DharkHearte sister lead Her own contingent of males and >
Eris Dharkhearte: females through the fray. In each hand, the blood stained Trulium blades of Chaos and Mayhem, dubbed back Home as the Twin Blades of Corruption, sliced through air and flesh alike as She cleaved Her way through the masses. Eyes, usually so smokey and hidden, casting off an eerie half-glow of Ice as the Female found Herself relishing the feel of the dead or dying at Her hand. Those fangs, always the reason She was considered a Vampire first and foremost, slightly protruding from behind that full upper >>
Eris Dharkhearte: lip as the Daughter of Chaos snarled, practically, at those She cut down. It was times like these that the facade of the Lady was dropped, and a slice of the true hellion shown through the polished vernier. By now, blood spatter had found its way across Her darkly clad tiny frame, Her blades would drip with it, and speckles of the crimson liquid dabbled across Her oddly serene features. At the sound of a battle cry, not too far off in the distance, Icy hues turned, blades swinging in unison to cleave >>
Eris Dharkhearte: a path through the offend Paleblood in Her line of site. Ahh, the Wizards had come out to play. With the added numbers to the fray, and those behind and beside Her numbering in the 150 or so range, Eris could easily see that the Empire was out-maned. Help was needed. "To me!" She called to several of Her men, who in turn formed a circle around Her, backs to Her, for protection as She sheathed Her own blades upon Her back. With Her hands free, She turned Her gaze in the direction of all those fallen >>
Eris Dharkhearte: Palebloods around their feet. "You will aid us in defeating your own kind," She hissed darkly, Her hands splayed wide and turned down toward the ground as She started a soft chant beneath Her breath, Her power expanding, almost like She was waking up for the first time in a long time, to reach out and touch those fallen bodies that littered the field. "Rise up," She commanded, forcing Her will on the downed foes. One by one, in a wave like fashion, Eris latched on to the Palebloods at their feet, >>
Eris Dharkhearte: spreading Her influence as far and wide as She was able to without diminishing Her own strength too much. Eventually, and even to the shock of some, as those foes they had just felled resumed their feet, a small army of Palebloods would rise up to gather beside and around both the War Wizards and the DharkHearte clan, brandishing their swords, and other such weapons, against their brothers in an effort to beat them back in the Empire's name. ::]

Valance Deathstalker: ~ Despite the blindness caused by creating a artificial sun, Valance had not gone silent. Given strength by the Weave, the Magister was renewed in his effort against the darkness. "Take my eyes from me..." With all that had befallen the Empire, and even just the day, the son of Drenai rose to the challenge. The courtyard in the sky, the man's personal home had become his staging ground for the latest assault on the Paleblood. "The light may be gone... -c-
Valance Deathstalker: But I will give show them the light cannot be stopped..." Words spoken as the light came. Not sunlight, not warmth, not hope. But chaos, destruction. Blinded, unable to visually see the battlefield, for this moment, he did not need to. The cackle of lightning, the bolt from the sky came crashing down, creating a small crater where it had struck. The paleblood set ablaze or blown apart by the force of it. The Magister had not been taken out of the game yet. -c-
Valance Deathstalker: No, he was just beginning. More bolts rained down, one by one, striking at congregations of the enemy, being mindful of his sister and the Stallu, the wolves of the General's wife. The Paleblood stood no chance. ~

Viktor Fallon:|| Further into the castle, and down. Viktor had not ventured to this part of the structure. In truth, the Castle itself kept intruders from being able to go this way. As if it were protecting what Drenai had hidden below all along. Curiosity piqued, but the man understood the gravity of the situation. They were to do a task, to go where most never returned from. Before venturing into the castle itself, Viktor had see the flood of wolves, heard the howls and roars. The Stallu had come, honoring their >
Viktor Fallon:deal with the Empire, with the Emperor. Had they not signed that treaty so long ago? The near giant men had been noticed as well, Kirsten, the little girl Viktor had known so long ago now leading the brutish destroyers that were part of her invasion force when she sought to take another land as her own. A weight lifted, Viktor knew his wife would make it, or at the very least, she'd not be torn apart by those creatures. Nodding to himself, he could do what needed to be done now as they descended into the >
Viktor Fallon:cavern far below the halls of the seat of the Empire. To a place nearly forgotten, or perhaps, written out of history for its own protection. It mattered little. What mattered now was that they were here, heading to wherever Drenai led them, and they were going to win. They had no choice. ||

Synthia:As Synthia walked beside her grandfather, visions of what was to come flooded her mind. The ritual. How it would play out. The answers that she had been seeking for months were all at once laid out for her. At the end of it, Synthia looked around for the disembodied whisper that no one else would hear. To see if anyone else had seen what had passed before her eyes. It felt so real. It felt… destined. Alas, she would a lone witness to such a vision and the voice with. Elegant, ~c~
Synthia:patient, the late wife of Wrath, her beloved mother; ‘Go with the light, my daughter of the heavens. Trust in that you are one of us. A Seraphim. An angel of not just Yeshua but of Sophia. Focus on my light and all will be well. I love you, my daughter. Remember that I will always love you and be so proud of who you’ve become.’ The fading presence of her mother was replaced by the stone on her necklace glowing briefly. As if filling with some magical essence unseen. Synthia ~c~
Synthia:stared over at her Grandfather, a little wide-eyed, one hand holding a torch which she didn’t even realize she picked up. The other clasping around the pendant. Holding it as if she was able to hug her mother once more. Once the light faded, Synthia’s hand dropped down to cling to the much larger paw of her grandfather. Holding his hand like she once did when she was a frightened child in the dark hallways of the castle. Afraid the boogeymen under her bed might need to be slain. ~d~

Lady Knight: Slipping into the pathway behind them all, the woman didn't need be to in the front, she didn't needed to have the glory, no she had a hard time being the woman the woman who had been Knighted and had been pushed into the front of the crowd. She was happy where she was, happy in the shadows, happy in the moment to be where she was. Grabbing a torch like the man had suggested she looked about herself as she leaned back on the heels of her boots. Her dark eyes moved over him once more before she moved to>
Lady Knight: walk beside them, she didn't need to worry about others, everyone here could take care of their selves, except maybe Synthia, but even then the women in this family no matter how delicate they looked were always stronger than appeared to be. She didn't even let herself seem out of place as she moved with them.~

Sigurd Vidar: || This unnatural war, infernal and a profane violation to Nature’s Order, continued to infuriate the behemoth, a primal strength of the wilds who bore no true allegiance to the small creatures who claimed to rule the land from their city of false trees and manmade rock faces. The storm giant’s allegiance was >
Sigurd Vidar: to the preservation of the natural world, which lay in decay and waste while the sky was hidden by blackness and these demonic creatures scurried under foot. To the storm giant, it was apparent a surge of power was being called from across the lands to fight back, as beast and humanoid alike poured in from all directions. >
Sigurd Vidar: He was not their warrior, but he would fight with them again if these small silhouettes were truly to make an orchestrated, large-scale offensive back against these disgusting foes. Thunder rumbled and the flickering of lighting’s backlighting behind clouds and doom told of the giant’s presence outside of the city walls, singing >
Sigurd Vidar: His war song in thunder and fury. <d> ||

Jade: And she wasn't alone, or was it they were no longer alone. She smelled the shifter long before that visual awareness caught on. Friend or foe, right now he was left unassaulted because well frankly Jade had a bigger fish to fry in the army that was now surrounding the two of them and his invisible friends. Watching it dismember the -c-
Jade: paleblood piece by piece sadly amused her in someway. Lips twisted up before the sound bubbled forth, there was a distinct severing of sanity in that moment. Blood still trying to escape out between flesh and armor. It would in time mend but that like everything else stole energy from her, energy that she right now couldn't spare. -c-
Jade: Back peddling to the left she barely avoided the wide arcing of a demonic blade, the rush of displaced air causing her to turn her face away slightly. Feline... Of all the damn things to send to help the Shadow Raven some diety found amusement in sending a cat to help the wolf. A cat that could freeze things, where the hell was her bow?! -c-
Jade: That missing piece of her was fueling the rage and aggression she was feeling, and forward Jade would charge, right hand lifting as the sword was brought sharply down an outstretched arm. She lacked the sheer brute strength to wander around hacking and slashing arms from bodies, thus most of the cuts and strikes were jabs or strokes meant -c-
Jade: to exaust by blood loss. The city walls were visible, if they could make it within they stood a greater chance at actually surviving this endeavor. -e-

Neveah: Between the two women they had 250 strong able bodied men and women that fought alongside them despite the odds being against them. The Wizards fought hard casting spell after spell annihilating the enemy with lightning skittering across metal armor of the damned. Even as Eris began to raise the dead all of her men and Nevaeh herself knew what was going on before it became apparent. The feel of magic running across the ground like icy fingers grabbing at every undead body using them like puppets and Eris
Neveah: the puppeteer. Even the paleblood that fell at her hand at that moment as she’d grab it by the armor thrusting her sword through its side it peeking out from the other. It feel to the blood soaked ground beneath their feet as she’d hear even him stumble up, but she feared not that it would come for her. She knew the woman’s intentions even before they were voiced to her, Nevaeh new necromancy when she felt it. A good tool to have, Eris had just beaten her to the punch, as she felt there was no need for two>
Neveah: puppeteers upon the battle field. Not now as she’d proceed forward ducking as a Paleblood swung their broadsword at her instead hitting another that had been trying to sneak up on her. Severing its head before she’d lunge forward burying her sword into the Paleblood wielding the sword dragging her blade to the side slicing open its gut as entrails fell to the now blood soaked ground. Soft chants escaping her lips as she’d raise a hand her crystalline gaze focused a yard head of her, as a pillar of fire >
Neveah: erupted around a group of palebloods unsuspecting of the attack that incinerated them. Some walking away from it but not without being engulfed in flame to fall to the ground as burning embers and the scent of burning flesh filled the air. Her gaze would move over the entirety of the battle field that was within her domain seeing robes of white within the fray as they fought of Palebloods left and right as they launched attack after attack having to use brute force as well as magic. Fire balls flying across
Neveah: the sky to fall upon groups of enemies exploding in a fury of fire and death. In that mere second she’d feel a blade pierce her armor at her side as she’d cry out as the spear head penetrated the front of her armor. Anger flooded through her body as she’d feel the adrenaline flood through her as she’d spin snapping the shaft of the spear in the process, leaving it buried within her flesh as she’d wrap her arm around the remaining shaft. Pulling the creature closer to her she’d snarl as she’d grab its neck >
Neveah: sweeping the leg and knocking his legs out from under him. Proceeding to slam it to the ground before she’d take her sword which crackled with arching electricity and slam it down into the creatures face. Instant kill as its face was demolished only to have the blade bury itself into the blood soaked ground. Electricity arching across the ground catching many palebloods in a 15 ft radius of her. Mind focused upon the scourge that they fought direction each and every blow of magic at them, careful to avoid >
Neveah: those that fought with them. The dead Palebloods would feel nothing even as the heat of the sun moved up their limbs from the ground. Lightning the most deadly in her mind as it burned hotter than the suns, it was a force to be reckoned with even now as Palebloods twitched and fell burning from the inside as the smell of burned flesh grew stronger now. D>

Eishara Wolfvine: She knew it was time... time was so irrelevant to her at every aspect of her life. She had been so overwhelmed by things that she had nearly forgot that a barrier up and over the city would have been the best recourse... still allowing fire going out of it but never coming into it. Sighing softly she glanced up towards that tower that had the sun
Eishara Wolfvine: and smiled slightly but shook her head for the skies were finally raging back their own fury while the pale bloods were having the rains of terror put upon them by scores of mages... warriors and the likes. What of the grounds though? smiling lightly to herself did she jump down from the walls and stepping just a few feet from the castle walls,
Eishara Wolfvine: arrows pinging off of a shield she seemed to have there upon and around herself... kneeling down she whipsered softly as one of her soul crystals went into the earth but there also were at least ten seeds to go along with it as well. Oh she knew exactly where to plant the seeds and from there she began to whisper under her breath. The archers on
Eishara Wolfvine: the wall seemingly and kinda unknowningly keeping her safe from the enemy approaching too closely to herself but she did keep up the shielding. Her words whispering into the airs only for her to finally stand up with those silvery eyes of fiery gleam and with but a pointing into ten different sections of the battle field did their spring up that of
Eishara Wolfvine: thick rope like, thorny vines... taking what they could find of the enemy and either dragging them back into the ground or to just strangle the bodies.~

Aezer Ryzen: he would not have given her the vial as of yet for they were just being torn from each other.. just about everytime he was close enough to Jade. With a loud growling of anger and frustration did he give up... for the now. Seeing vines coming up and over a few of the pale bloods he would look towards Jade... "Lady!!! I can teleport us via the
Aezer Ryzen: shadows into the city... we are close enough! IF you trust one of the Elite Archers of the Empire... that is!" he grinned and winked only to feel something not too pretty slice into his back... letting out a roar of pain, good thing it was not silver though... that would have really sucked. Swiftly disappearing... or as fast as he could, right now,
Aezer Ryzen: he would find himself in the left of a ogre... that is what struck him? damn it! He would even see the vines trying to keep the creature from moving fowards and with a growling of pain did he leap up and onto the kinda back side of the huge creature... run up the best he could as huge mittens tried to grasp onto his legs or any other part of his
Aezer Ryzen: body... getting up towards the head only to find himself flying.. that way instead as he was clobbered by the side of a huge axe the damn ogre had.~

Chimera: :: By rights, none of those present were considered 'Friend' to the Winged Elf. No, not a single one. Though, perhaps in more recent days, She had been able to strike an accord with the Reining Tyrant. Or at least so long as they fought side by side and did not cross blades. Which, considering the past, was probably more expected of Her than blind following. Told to take a torch from the wall, Chimera had Her own methods of providing light, and thus, Her left palm would turn upwards. Held slightly >>
Chimera: aloft, the small spark within Her palm grew to a size-able glow as Hell Fire itself lit the path of their steps. Though not large enough to serve the entire group, it would cast a slightly larger radius of light for those immediately next to Her, and, being stronger than regular or magickal fire, it would serve will should those flames be doused for any reason. Amethyst hues searched the area around Her, whether needlessly or not, committing the way to memory. Were She any other person, She might have >>
Chimera: found this escapade beneath the Castle to be quite surprising. However, She was whom She was... and so the magnificence of the revelations went without comment, or even indrawn breath. Obviously there were those present, in some way called upon, for a reason. That reason was not to be placed into a stupor by their surroundings. As they leveled out below the Castle, deep within the confines of the ground itself, those leathery wings would shuffle at Her back, itching to be airbourne again. What was it >
Chimera: they were in for this time? As with every time She had ventured out either with the Emperor or collided headlong with Him in the field, there was bound to be some epic chaos to have to content with... and that was not even counting the Chaos she could feel coming from the Awe-wielding Leviathan Himself because of the stone He toted with Him. ::


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Shaughnessy: .: The Endgame was upon them. Her father had spared one of the scarce remaining messengers to race to her and deliver instruction to her. Meet with a gathering in the throne room, and if the group had departed, follow specific steps to ensure their path is kept. She adhered to this with a rise of anxiety and anticipation. It was <c>
Shaughnessy: Soon time, wasn’t it? All of their ritualistic practices would be necessary after all. Dressed in dark blues like a nighttime ocean, Princess Shaughnessy Deathstalker marched after the route given to her by courier. She’d gathered the requisite tools for her role, but even she did not wholly know what to find when she caught up <c>
Shaughnessy: With her father and his companions. The diminutive, moon-fair Heiress descended into the bowels of the castle, further than she’d previously ventured even, to the place where stalactites and stalagmites framed their passageway like ancient fangs, long and gnarled. Unseen droplets of water dripped into small, echoing puddles, <c>
Shaughnessy: And if not for the ethereal light she summoned forth about her form in a gentle aura, it would be difficult to see. Shaughnessy nigh never abused the Avatar blessings available to her, but here at the possible end of the world, it seemed worth the gained expediency to shed just a little bit of light. Ahead, she beheld her father’s great <c>
Shaughnessy: Silhouette, and the smaller figures who’d braved the dangerous gambit with him. She did not race toward him or hurl herself in his path in girly fashion despite her appearances. She was Deathstalker as much as he was, and the stubborn, fierce spirit that carried him with ferocious poise carried her in portentous grace, too. <c>
Shaughnessy: Synthia was present, near to the Emperor, and she felt a rise of relief and dread both at once. Her task would be difficult and trying. … a brief glimpse of the mithril magnate, too, he’d stood up to his word after all, but she’d expect no less. She regarded the rest of the company with her approving, yet stoic gaze, nearing, waiting. <d> :.

Iskandar: He had seen this great hall countless times as a child though as soon as they moved to an adjacent hall away from the familiarly he soon realized that with any history, with any place, there was the underlying knowledge that was only given to a select few in the foundation of something that was made up to be great, eyes briefly grazing over the <c>
Iskandar: faces of the statues that they passed. The deep rumbling voice of the emperor’s caught the lordly elf’s ears and advancing forth, he followed his whim as they were now entering into passages that even he had not been made aware of when gallivanting through the castle as a young elf as he had when he was with his father on business trips. At <c>
Iskandar: Drenai’s behest, he reached out to the crackling torches that would provide them an incandescent illumination to their unknown path, his leather gloves gripping the handle of the torch. There was never a reason not to trust the titan, a man who had withheld multiple business dealings with the mithril magnate and his elven father, but even then <c>
Iskandar: he had led a glorious empire for hundreds of years and under his guiding hand continuous success and victory had always been on the horizon, a man that refused to be downtrodden by the forces that oppressed them even now. Pushing forward, Iskandar continued on, feeling the pressurized air encroaching upon them the more that they descended down <c>
Iskandar: into the unheralded depths, his thoughts ubiquitous on the proceedings, his elven ears visibly perking to the sound of hurried footfalls behind him, another light besides that of their flamed torches shone through the dark indicating that the moon-fair human was among them now. There was a fierceness to her stride and he saw that emblazoned <c>
Iskandar: spirit within her, even if their glances were brief with one another, there was an unspoken spark to his eyes that she would understand in passing, they respected one another. He understood the importance of this, all of it, especially her vital role but that did not mean that he was ready to fully face whatever fate had been placed upon them even if he contained an unperturbed complexion. ::e::

Drenai Deathstalker: :: Their stride through the gloom showed no sign of abating. The size of the group expanding to include not just the General of the West, the Emperor’s granddaughter Synthia, the nobleman Iskandar along with the winged Elf, Chimera, but also the Lady Knight, Katalina and the Imperial Princess, Shaughnessy Deathstalker. >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> Something apt and fitting that they were all occupying these cavernous depths together. For in a very real sense -they were all Deathstalker- these poignant contemplations, gripping the leviathan’s psyche until the silence was broken when the Emperor spoke. His words echoing. “Behold,” he declared finally. Outstretching his arm >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> in the direction of a sight to rival all others. One that would surely inspire and amaze, as it undoubtedly confused. Comparable in scale and spectacle to the ancient wonders of (the/another) world. For before them were three monolithic doors. Constructed purely of stone and endowed with symbolic, ritual purpose >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> by way of Enochian Runes, Pentagrams, Demonic Verse and Draconian Hieroglyphics. Their dramatic height and width, prodigious enough to accommodate the shoulders of giants. “Sophia charged me with their protection. The castle and the Empire are a decoy to keep them safe. I possess neither the knowledge nor the wisdom >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> to understand the writing, but I believe each of you can.” Looking to Synthia and Shaughnessy. Allowing the gravitas and portent of his words to hit home. “Purgatory, Hell, Heaven they all converge here. It is the reason Good and Evil put their differences aside to defend this place, though they know it not.” >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> Perhaps alluding to the villainous and heroically aligned folk who’d sworn allegiance to Drenai’s throne, often against their better judgement. The Emperor’s revelation poignant as it was impactful. For each soul was unwittingly fighting for a cause greater than themselves. All were a part of the dance, one that never ended, >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> between Light and Dark. “You each stand on the precipice. What exists between our universe and a place beyond mortal comprehension. So choose a door, let us hope it’s not the wrong one, then together we’ll open it.” Obviously with a heavy reliance on the Arch Priestess, whose task this was primarily, thanks to her esoteric mysticism >>
Drenai Deathstalker: >> and vast knowledge. Knowing what he was asking was at odds with his promise to the Goddess, for he’d been anointed as a secret guardian. What he was asking was sacrilege. Nevertheless, something in his gut told him it was right and in fact, the only way to save the world.::

Eris Dharkhearte: :: The 250 men and women around them varied in size and attack strength, some of Her own even brandishing power like a second skin as the two Females cleaved their way through the masses. The wide path cut through the throng as the two forces fought side by side covered in blood and littered with those bodies that Eris did not deem battle able. Even as Her attention was primarily focused on the 'Puppeting' of those Palebloods She used as Weapons against their own kind, Eris found Herself drawing Her >>
Eris Dharkhearte: blades again. Her comrades fanning out loosely around Her, knowing that She was dealing with more than one thing at a time, Eris launched Herself back into the fray, commanding those Palebloods not only with Her mind, but with Her actions as well. Thus syncing them up with the movements of the DharkHearte clan and the War Wizards so that their numbers would seem to grow exponentially. It wasn't until She heard the cry of the War Witch that She turned Her head in the Female's direction, Icy hues taking >>
Eris Dharkhearte: in the viciousness with which She ended the Paleblood that had struck home. The distraction was just long enough that, in the span of seconds, the clang of swords reverberated loudly in Her ears and She was shoved out of the way by one of Her own burly men. Caught of guard, She would stumble, barely catching Herself on a knee, one blade down-turned and jabbed into the ground. Turning Her head back in the direction of Her 'savior,' the petite Female's head would nod in gratitude. An action that would >>
Eris Dharkhearte: not soon be forgotten. Rising to Her feet once more, Eris would parry another blow and spin upon the balls of Her feet, entering into a macabre dance with two other Palebloods as those She commanded pressed forward to attack their brethren. ::

Jade: Elite archers of the city, was this male trying to be funny... There was that laughter again before the lightning that streaked across the sky shut her up. He was no ranger, of that she was fairly certain and considering she had no idea as to who he was, there was question as to just what empire he was in reference to. Wait! He refered to her -c-
Jade: as, was he actively trying to insult her or something. A lady... Did she look like some castle fed spoiled rich girl (no offence Nessy!)? She watched the ogre send him for a vision check, Jade taking a step back. That step back wasn't so comforting as something found itself shoved up through her foot. Colors sparked violently through her own -c-
Jade: vision as she stumbled a moment. Pure blind luck shoving the blade in her left hand through the softer parts of a demon, impaling him just as badly if not worse off then she had become. It was the stomach churning bile inducing audible thwack of pulling her foot loose... Demons, it had to be demons didn't it. -e-

Aezer Ryzen: he did indeed go flying but as soon as he hit a shadow that was good enough... that is he would disappear only to reappear on top of that huge creature once more and he shoved his two blades right into that thick skull of the ogre's. He was triumphant only to be grasped onto by huge ogre mitten and just as he realized what was going on he noted
Aezer Ryzen: that the ogre was stumbling on over to where Jade was... of for fn sakes... he sent his shadowlings to make a portal to the shadow realms and had the damn beast fall into that instead of Jade. His eyes gleaming and if she were looking his way.. well she would even see that he was of a high ranking elven archer of the Deathstalker Empire. Course
Aezer Ryzen: some would think he may have stolen the out fit but he had been ranked and even tested to become what he was... or actually the one he took the original body from had been. He just made the body more... improved is all. ~

Viktor Fallon:|| The words of his friend spoke in volumes far greater than the words itself. There was more behind this choice, this place, that words simply could not do justice for. Perhaps that had been the reason Viktor stayed, the reason his presence here within these lands was a continued thing, instead of simply passing through as he had done so many others before. It was not his place to guard or protect this place, or even this Realm, but Viktor had always been a center point. A balance between good and >
Viktor Fallon:evil, light and dark. Viktor was, in more than just name, the middle ground between the two. This realm itself was not even his own. This body, a mere construct of what he truly was. Pulled together by essence of life that filled this world, brought forth by something that was beyond his own grasp at most times. The doors seemed familiar however, and steps brought him closer, looking over each and every one carefully while gazing up at them. The runes inscribed upon them, and Viktor turned to glance back >
Viktor Fallon:at the Arch-Priestess. "Trust in yourself, Synthia. You will choose correctly." Stepping away from the doors, back toward the group, Viktor knew which was what, even if they all held the same manner of writing. Created long before the creation of this castle, Viktor now understood why. And why the magics of the castle existed. Synthia would not falter in choosing the correct door, he was sure of it. ||

Synthia:There was much on the mind of the Seraphim as they approached the triple doors. “You never said there were three.” Synthia muttered under her breath. Approaching first the left, running her fingers over the languages. Pulling from them invisible information. Reading the markings like a blind person read brail. Feeling out the energy emitting from each one. Left, middle, then right. Synthia hovered longer on the right before migrating back to the middle. ~c~
Synthia:From her lips spilled forth the ancient Enochian language. Waiting. Moments passed while Synthia watched the doors to react. Smiling when the runes began to float in the air around her. They could just think she was seeing nothing. These odd little letters and symbols had been her company for months now. “The middle.” She said with some measure of certainly. Pulling from her pocket a simple piece of chalk to start drawing the symbols as they landed on the ground in ~c~
Synthia:the correct order. When she was done the ritual circle was just as the vision while she walked had appeared. And as that vision instructed Synthia stepped into the center. Allowing her wings to break through the scars on her back. Elongating into their full size. Droplets of blood came off the feathers. And just as the vision a glowing light snaked its way up her body. Hallowed words left the angel… sounding more disembodied. Hands preforming the necessary motions ~c~
Synthia:before the beam of light focused its energy at the center of the door. The light swirled like the lights of a universe in the sky. Slowly growing in size until it completely encompassed the middle door. “Be guided by the light of the Avatar. Return to this door and it will be open. May the Goddess bless your journey.” ~d~

Shaughnessy: Preparations had been made, dire rituals had been practiced and repeated time and again so that their motions were set not only to mental recollection, but muscle memory as well. Little energy would need to be wasted toward recalling the proper movements and order of things, saving it all for the difficult drain the ritual itself <c>
Shaughnessy: would bring to bear. Shaughnessy, Heiress to the Empire, where he other illustrious siblings and kin had taken different paths in their mighty lives, carving out their unique histories just as she did, regarded the Arch-Priestess Synthia with reverence and readiness. They'd been preparing for their very different parts in all this, but parts <c>
Shaughnessy: that were in parallel enough that they'd been orchestrating how best to perform their rites near to one another to best ensure no unforeseen interference in one another's efforts. Synthia's part was the primary: Open the gate. Shaughnessy's was to create a spiritual anchor to those in her father's party, that they might be <c>
Shaughnessy: able to return through that gate from the divine plane. Each woman went about their process for setting up their space, and specific to Shaughnessy, she laid a white swath of cotton over the ground where she would kneel. Once there, she gave a final glance up to each of those who so bravely volunteered to follow her father, their <c>
Shaughnessy: Emperor, into dangers unknown. She was grateful to all of them, and her heart swelled with a moment of pride and love for them each in their own unique facet. "Stay with me." She chimed, which would become more clear to them once her ritual had produced what she intended it to. "Your Arch-Priestess is your way in and out. <c>
Shaughnessy: I will anchor your essences to this world so that when you do come back to the door she will hold open for you," A brief, trusting glance toward Synthia ere she looked back to the company. "It will not merely be an impassable window back home. You will see an image of me with you, but it is not me. It is merely your lifeline. Returning from <c>
Shaughnessy: spiritual places into wholly living planes is never an easy task. However, do not worry about that, my niece and I, we shall bring you home. Just go win back the day." With that, and a final glance to her father that sharpened with assurance in him, she began the meticulous steps to her specific ritual. So, at last, donning the Crystal Crown <c>
Shaughnessy: she'd brought with her, not merely for appearances, but for the mystical properties it possessed... Shaughnessy's part in the process of her specific ritual began with a piece of herself, a trimming of her moon-pale hair... And Blood Was A Good Sacrifice... thus, she gave her own into a vessel from which every adventurer would be <c>
Shaughnessy: required to touch, like holy water, ere they could enter that divine place and EVER expect to return to Larlandarl. She was their living anchor to this world, for no passage into divine or profane planes ever made for an easy return trip. The visions Sophia had given to Shaughnessy, as expertly translated by her sister, Eione, began <c>
Shaughnessy: to play out into reality, blurring in her mind as the process gradually claimed more of her mind into a meditative, spiritual place. Her body would remain here, in the physical world, but something of herself had to accompany them, to remain attached between here and there. A ghostly image of Shaughnessy began to materialize, coalescing <c>
Shaughnessy: as if made of fog and reverie. This image possessed cherub-like wings as had never been seen upon the true, living Shaughnessy nearby. It was all an illusion, a combination image of her true self and the expectation of what a Nephilim entering a divine domain might look like. The illusion was the lifeline tied to her father's party, so <c>
Shaughnessy: that whenever they returned to the portal, this anchor to the living could usher them back through. The illusion smiled, but there was no sound, no utterance, not even the normal subtle brush of clothing or hair amid air currents. It further underlined that this was merely an illusion, one that would follow them wherever they went, but <c>
Shaughnessy: could provide no aid of any kind, save for its one purpose: Bring them through the portal back to the living world. Back home. If the party ever split up, the illusionary image of the winged Shaughnessy would follow her father. To Shaughnessy's meditative mind, whose body sat tranquil nearby and ignorant to the world <c>
Shaughnessy: moving around her now, the wings, the transformation, felt real in her mind. It had to to animate the projection with the greatest force and potency. When the time came to walk through the portal, the illusionary-Shaughnessy demonstrated no fear of the daunting task, for she was not 'real.' She was the first to go, the 'canary' in <c>
Shaughnessy: a way, where the true-Shaughnessy, even in her meditative state, might give sign of terrors untold with tension or recoil about her body. But none came. That did not mean that anything was safe or easy. It could even mean nothing at all. This was all purely new territory for them all. Who would dare risk the next step through? From living, <c>
Shaughnessy: 'mortal' plane, to that of spiritual and divine? Perhaps the ingress therein would be easier than their attempts to depart...The illusionary-Shaughnessy began to materialize now in the divine realm, only a projection. Deaf, blind, without power to aid them. Her only 'sense' was that of her proximity to Drenai and those who had dabbed <c>
Shaughnessy: the blood, connecting them to the ritualistic, spiritual anchor that illusion was truly there as. Fully materialized, her mannerisms could mislead those to believe it was truly the lighthearted and caring Shaughnessy there with them, such was the painstaking care poured into the ritual, but she was too aloof and carefree in this <c>
Shaughnessy: place to really be a living thing. Not even a ghost. Only their anchor, projected so accurately to the living mannerisms of their Princess. <d> :.

Wrath Deathstalker: + Suitably late to the party, came another voice from the gloom. Wrath Deathstalker, Prince of the Empire, emerging next before the other companions. Much as his father, he appeared dishevelled, having fought long and hard against the Paleblood. The mountainous hulk of a man venturing purposefully into the light of Drenai’s flaming torch. >
Wrath Deathstalker: > “You’ll be needing this.” Much as his father wore the Stone of Chaos around his neck, itself a jagged ruby, so too did Wrath carry its counterpart. An irregular shaped sapphire called the Stone of Time, affixed to the head of an archaic staff, that once belonged and was in fact buried with, Merlin. A mythical figure who’d transported >
Wrath Deathstalker: > the first of the human species to Larlandarl, he’d come to learn during his adventures. Coming to stand beside his daughter, he handed it to her when she finished the ritual. “Nevaeh, Eishara and Darren all helped me get this. We had to climb the Dragon Peak Mountains and burgle an obsidian tower. Was pretty mental,” he grinned >
Wrath Deathstalker: > then at Katalina. “She was there too,” he remarked in an attempt to calm general nerves and break the tension. Looking to Shaughnessy next, her behemoth half-sibling afforded the Princess a smile of meaning and sincerity. “Stay alive both of you. You’re each the future of Deathstalker, the old man can’t do this forever, >
Wrath Deathstalker: > even if he thinks he can.” Although he and his father didn’t agree on many things, they shared an unspoken understanding with each other in that singular moment. The Realm may very well have been at stake, but these two females, were effectively the individual worlds of Wrath and Drenai respectively. Their pride and joy. >
Wrath Deathstalker: > Ultimately, even Larlandarl came second when compared with the love a man had for his daughter, no matter their station. Be they peasant or king. Especially when it was these men, who were both honourable and proud patriarchs. “I’d go too. Part of me still thinks I should, but if you fail, some of the Deathstalkers should remain behind. >
Wrath Deathstalker: > So I’ll stand with my brother Valance and the others. Ready to die alongside our citizens, who are the spine of this nation.” A sentiment he voiced with no regret, knowing it was the right thing to do. As such, with Merlin’s staff bestowed to his daughter, the Imperial Prince then withdrew his large claymore from his back. >
Wrath Deathstalker: > The weapon Widow Maker, gripped with intent, knowing his place was on the battlefield, somewhere he was eager to return to. A concern he hadn’t given voice to though, was that he was quite prepared and willing to strike and kill whatever came out of those massive doors, once the selected of the three had been opened. >
Wrath Deathstalker: > Which indicated by the Arch Priestess, his girl, seemed to be the middle. Not that he could fathom a way of achieving that lofty aim. Surely such a monolithic slab of stone was too large and heavy, for a mortal to have control or influence over. Wrath’s gaze curiously watching Synthia and Shaughnessy as they worked in ritualistic tandem. >
Wrath Deathstalker: > Eyes imploring them to approach with caution lest they be condemned by the magical wards. Then he felt it. A vibration. Something was happening.+

Neveah: It was times like these that she wished that Kerek was around to be her shield, as the woman always found herself heading in and never thinking of the consequences of her actions. Pale bloods still outnumbered them even as their dead were turned against them in the macabre dance that Eris had begun to orchestrate in the beginning. The pain of the broken spear within her side was enough to make the woman see red as she’d see herself surrounded by enough Palebloods to end her if she faltered even a small>
Neveah: fraction. Even in the split second it took for her to get impaled by a spear by a creature, it would only take a second for many to take advantage of her if she wasn’t careful. Anger bubbled up inside of her as she hated getting hit, or even marginally taken down at that point as she’d remain upon her knee next to the fallen creature that had gotten lucky. Blood oozing from around the shaft of the broken spear that jutted out from both sides. Soft whispers escaped her lips as the creatures advanced with >
Neveah: with weapons raised and their faces twisted and contorted in rage. They all wished to bring death upon her as she’d gather up energy as it almost seemed everything had fallen into slow motion. Blades slowly descending upon her as electricity crackled along the metal of her armor flaring in her arctic gaze as she’d feel a smirk cross her lips. An evil grin with her blood splattered face twisting in delight despite the pain as all those that converged upon her weren’t going to live long. The energy she had >
Neveah: pulled into herself reached its boiling point within those seconds that passed. The world almost seeming to pick up speed as she’d yell as she’d send a wave of energy from her body. Arching like a dome around her of pure electricity crackling and sizzling acting like lightning crashing from the sky at its most potent. Blasting back all those that were within the radius of her as those that were closest to her were incinerated with the most potent of energy. The very stuff that she had pushed from her, >
Neveah: ending them as the last thing they saw was her pain twisted grin. As the wave of electricity moved out and away from her the severity of its potency would lessen blasting back those that were within 20 feet of her. Many were incinerated while others simply electrocuted frying their brain and internal organs where they stood as others that were further away would be jolted but able to get up. That was if others didn’t take full advantage of their disadvantage and kill them. The War Wizards were fighting >
Neveah: valiantly as a group of them would make their way to her. Silently they would help the wounded War Witch up seeing the broken spear sticking out of her. The fact that she was still able to throw out such power while in pain often shocked many as she’d shake them off and grab the spear hear. With a deep agonized breath she’d yank it out with a hiss between her teeth as the Wizards stayed at her side blowing fist sized holes in palebloods with lightning and setting many on fire. The screams and smells of >
Neveah: burnt flesh were all things she enjoyed in the heat of battle even then, as she’d stand there gripping at her side after tossing the broken piece of spear to the ground. Looking to her legs she’d grab a dagger and whisper words as its blade glowed red hot. Cauterizing the wound would be the best thing at that point, she wanted to survive as she was surrounded by Wizards. Some casting side glances as she’d move her hand and stick the hot blade into the wound. The heat of it would rip a blood curdling scream>
Neveah: from her even as it was self-inflicted, it would be painful as she’d stop the bleeding and pressed her flesh to close the wound heating it once more. A gnarly scar would be left behind but she wasn’t about to die as she’d melt her skin at the site closing it with magical fire repeating the step on the back before she’d grit her teeth moving past the Wizards as electricity arched around her hitting foes yards away. Anger was apparent in her gaze as she’d step forward as her arm raised with the dagger in >
Neveah: hand as her body twisted as her arm flung forward. Blade still burning red hot as she’d release it from her fingers, it soared through the air before it embedded itself into the skull of a paleblood. With another whisper the blades fire would consume the creature as it let out blood curdling screams as it felt like molten metal was being poured into its head as its flesh burned bright as it burned from within only to eventually burn to ash as it fell to the ground setting anything it touched aflame. D>

Iskandar: Twisting and turning, the small band that entered into the depths now came to the culminating point of their journey down into the mountainside within the castle and what awaited them was something that the experienced elven one had not expected in the least. His light gray eyes following the long stretch of that muscular arm that swept forth <c>
Iskandar: to show three monolithic doors made of stone with unknown intricate markings that the merchant had never chanced to look upon before in all of his wanderings withn Larlandarl, the only hint of familiarity that he understood was the slight remembrance of looking upon draconian hieroglyphics but this by no means meant that he came into clarity <c>
Iskandar: with the unknown markings. Taking a few steps forward, he kept a respectable distance, listening to the words which came from the deep baritone voice of the emperor, explaining what these doors were really intended for, it suddenly hitting him that he truly was going to be looking in through the eyes of a deity this very moment. This was the <c>
Iskandar: reason why these doors were protected and built around, Drenai who had been charged with their protection, now spilt the secret that had been dormant within him for centuries since the construction of the castle. Coming to comprehend now what the opal moon and the Arch Priestess meant by doors, their following future acts were considered <c>
Iskandar: blasphemous but if it meant that the scintillation of stars would return as well as the presence of the ones that he followed, he would not break his oath in attending this impiety against the fates. His inner high perception was flaring and he felt the tugging of their power beckoning him to the three doors but he did not chance in moving, <c>
Iskandar: thundering against his ribcage as Synthia went to draw the evocation, her bloodied wings extended, her hallow words reverberating against his eardrums. In the midst of the ritual, he saw the arrival of an unknown that bore the same energy of that of the titan and the resemblance and mannerisms told him that this was another son of the emperor, <c>
Iskandar: yet with Wrath’s lighthearted attempt to jab at the tense air, a light smile came to his lips albeit briefly, the tension within the elven lord somewhat being relieved now. Taking in a bated breath, he placed his hand upon the top of his rapier, even if reality his hand wished to seek something warmer and comforting to him. His eyes chanced to <c>
Iskandar: look upon their current company but as Shaughnessy set herself into the motions of what was to be done, things that were only capable by her, doing now what was required of him as well, hands shaking but not visibly so, he saw that spectral otherworldly essence of her begin to materialize before them leaving behind her humanly form behind <c>
Iskandar: creating that chain that linked them to the other side of the door that the Arch Priestess pointed out earlier. It was more than evident that these were two completely separate entities of the pale one and brazenly he took a step forward to accompany the emperor's side, "... ...Think of this as my payback for all of the times that you assisted <c>
Iskandar: my family in their business dealings...besides," He paused, giving a tip of his head to level his eyes with Drenai, his dark humor subtly added into the mix, "I can't exactly let our number one customer down, can I? We wouldn't have anyone else to trade with anymore." His tone sharing in sentiment with that of Wrath's but he knew the <c>
Iskandar: seriousness of it all. They were now to usurp the other side, the realm of the unknown, and he was prepared to follow. ::e::

Eishara Wolfvine: lightening to continue to strike out at the enemy upon the battle field... vines coming and going while she continued to plant both soul gem and that of a few seeds here and there. They seemed to be still running low on the fact that so many were still coming out from the very wood workings of that damnable rift. She looked to the tower and then
Eishara Wolfvine: back towards the fields infront of herself. She was not sure what all that one could see and she kinda hoped he could not see much but if he did she would slip from where she was... down into the earths very soil but as she went she planted soul gems and the seeds every ten or twenty feet, each time she did this... the vines began to lift up and
Eishara Wolfvine: do her own biddings. She would take a long bit before she would finally reach that of the rift but when she did... her form would not be that of the elven female but that of the Shendelion she actually was. she would look demonic herself by this time but she gleamed of a whiteness.. a purity that would make even the hardiest, hopefully, of demons
Eishara Wolfvine: sly away from herself. Slowly did she come forth from the grounds with so many of the thorny vines helping her along with the shield she had up and around herself, once more. She was almost like a beacon in the darkness as she looked down towards the rift and with her gaze of more than a dragons did she try and look for the weakness of the walls.
Eishara Wolfvine: Something... anything that she would be able to make the collapse of this thing or even help in diminishing that of the flow of the enemy that seemed to be too endless...~

Lady Knight: With the emergence of the Prince she raised her brow, but she didn't say anything as she leaned back on the back of heels, it really didn't surprise her that the man was here, a lot of people were here and showing up. A lot of them seemed to be here for the glory of it all, she was just here because this was her home and it would really suck if it died. Her eyes moved away from him to the Princess who had appeared and the other Princess, Synthia and she raised a brow. Eyes moved over everyone that was>
Lady Knight: there and she let out a soft sigh, it didn't bother her or wouldn't have bothered her in Wrath hadn't mentioned that she was there. She hadn't gone for the glory or the fame, but because it had to be done and she was there at the time. It was a matter of right time, right place. She glanced at the Princess that was becoming something more, a hologram in words, but not quite a hologram, it was hard to explain, but she could feel the magic that was involved, the way it wrapped around the princess, especially>
Lady Knight: after the door had been picked by the High Priestess. There was a lot of magic going around and she kind of enjoyed the feel of it, it helped her feel her own magic. Her gaze moved to Lord Iskandar who had moved up to talk with the Emperor and she had decided not to say anything. She let everything come into her brain and took it in stride, there was no point in panicking because well that wouldn't help the missions. Her eyes moved over the group once more as her hand moved to the sword at her side.~

Synthia:The sight of her father nearly broke Synthia into tears. She wanted to tell him of the vision. Of her mother’s help. She wanted to hug him and apologize for being such a crazy youngster. “Stay safe, daddy. Give them hell… well.. proverbially speaking. And thank you, for this..” the staff taken and stared at. It was glorious and beautiful. Powerful. Would aid her in holding the door open and bring everyone home safely. “I love you all so much. Alright. Let’s give them hell.” Well, they ~c~
Synthia:would give them hell she would remain here on the outside with Shaughnessy to continue channeling magic into the door. Also, as a protective measure to ensure Nessy wasn’t ambushed by any… things… trying to get out the door that didn’t belong. {Photo of the staff: http://i.imgur.com/6pC5QUr.jpg} Short sweet to the point. ~d~


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Eishara Wolfvine: she was slowly being torned of which way to go but she looked towards the tower... the rift of where she was over hanging only to suddenly and swiftly disappear from it and appear before something that looked to be some kind of wall but she seemed to know better. The sight before her would show her something that others may not actually see and slowly did she go through till she would see the stairs leading downwards... the softest of words echoing in her mind's ears. Making her way towards the whisperings and the feeling of such strong magics as if they were right before her. She was sure that it was Akasa that directed her at this time for how else was she able to follow up and the voices... they were becoming louder and louder as if they were summoning her but she knew better than that. it was the energy coming from whatever lay ahead of herself. Turning the last corridored stairs she would see a few that she knew from the quest to the ole grave yard of the dragons and then that of Merlin. she tilted her head and gasped softly as she realized that the voices had stopped. She was looking upon the very Emperor and that of Viktor... a General... she was looking upon a great deal of those who could probably pulverise her... so why had she felt so compelled to come here? she would ask Akasa that later. Stepping a bit more forwards into the light to let herself be seen and not thought of as a demonic or spiritual presence... back in her elven form.. just to be on the safe side.~

Drenai Deathstalker: :: Immense light shone through the monolithic central door, as Synthia’s command over eternity itself, triggered a cosmological response from the stone. The group engulfed by a nuclear intensity, a celestial radiation if you will. To which their collective presumption was proven correct. This was a cosmic bridge. A conduit across space >>
that reached far beyond just Larlandarl, joining their universe with another plane of existence, far away. Clear they’d been transported by what was in essence, a sealed portal. One Synthia had opened, for the first time in countless millennia. However, the ancestry of the Nephilim meant they were immune to the hostile environment, >>
had in actuality, been born for this purpose. Namely to occupy two worlds. Fated to walk amongst the gods. More so, there was an inherent, nigh symbiotic understanding between the Titan and his granddaughter as they acclimatized to this holy stratosphere. Meanwhile, the objects carried by Drenai and Synthia, >>
the Stones of Chaos and Time; both functioned with sentient awareness. Emanating the expanding boundaries of a shimmering forcefield, which enveloped the whole group. The crystals, while in proximity to each other, uniting their luminescent power. Each artifact, discharging prominent radiances of red and blue. >>
A sight to seize the imagination, as their streaks of colour joined. Evidenced by an amalgamation of newly combined, purple energy. The crystallised sparks unlocking the Eyes of Demiurge, foretold of in prophecy by the glass maidens of Sophia. Then while the kaleidoscope of coloration slowly subsided, Drenai and the others realised >>
they were falling through a rainbow, plummeting from a great height. “Fly!” Shouted the Titan, immediately igniting his fiery wingspan as he seized the Elf courting his daughter by the collar. Drenai and Iskandar gliding and swooping into an impromptu landing. Finding themselves standing in a pasture of tall silver grass. >>
“The Elysian Fields,” speculated the Warlord as he looked around in wonderment. Elsewhere the Emperor caught sight of a monumental structure, formatted with terraced steps. Engineered wider still than it was high and referred to as a Ziggurat. A tower, far vaster than Deathstalker Castle. “Babel,” he said again. >>
Thereafter, levitating mounds of earth and floating torrents of ocean nearby, reminded him of the Flood myth. Finally and perhaps most impressive of all, was an immense tree, where intangible ideas like Manna and Karma were visible in luminous waves. Its branches outstretching into interstellar clouds and entering the >>
turquoise nebula of space. “Yggdrasil,” he guessed. Still not believing they’d made it. This was Heaven, least as the Heathen cultures who’d migrated from the Old World, would define it. A spectacular collision of cultures. A dream world of mythological beauty.::

Viktor Fallon: || Heaven, or so it had been called. A sight to see for any who would witness it. For Viktor, this had not been the first. Or the last most likely. This simply was another page in the Ethereal's long history. As focus came back to the group, as the colors faded and they were there within the Heavens, falling slowly, the man whom seemed nothing more than human looked about as he smiled. It was almost like home. Almost. Drenai's wings was his first cue that he should do something about possibly going splat >
on the ground below, and so, here in a plane of existence that rivaled his own, the power that made up this very space and time, there was a shimmer, and Viktor too faded from sight. Gone, as if he had never really been there at all. It wasn't until the group had landed that Vik stepped back into place, coming to stand beside his brother in name, a wide grin on his face. "Welcome, Drenai. To the place of your dreams." It was spectacular. Unreal in the truest sense of the word. For these people, it was >
likely overwhelming, and the scope of where they were, and just how massive and beautiful it was would mesmerize them for days, weeks. Possibly years. It did even to Viktor. "We will need to be quick. I doubt out presence has gone unnoticed." Opening a door never meant to open, mortals, relatively anyway, coming to the Heavens. There were rules, laws that had to be followed. This broke quite a few of them. So much more did Viktor want to elaborate, to explain and show them. But time was of the essence. >
Here more importantly than anywhere. For each passing moment here, could be a fraction of a second in Larlandarl, or hundreds of years. The passage of time was a strange thing for beings that resided in these Realms. Viktor was well aware of that fact. ||

Synthia: Synthia was not immune to brightness of the light and was forced to shield her eyes. Follow the general shape that was her grandfather through the portal. The expansion of Drenai’s fiery wings caused a swift palpitation of her own. They felt… lighter. She felt…lighter. Synthia wanted to frolic about through the rainbow until she realized that their compatriots were also falling with no way of stopping themselves from taking a hard fall. So, the angel swooped in. Reached back to pluck ~c~
a feather for each of their flightless friends. “Hold it tight and believe that you too are worthy of this place. Release it and you will fall.” As her feet touched down against the field, the palms of her hands swayed back and forth over the tops of the grass. Taking in every sight that her grandfather spoke. She understood now what Hans had been talking about. About how the loss of free will was worth being able to reside here. “It’s everything I have ever heard it was.” The voices in her head ~c~
were louder now. Synthia closed her eyes and enjoyed the cacophony of trumpets and angels singing, talking. There were sounds of war as well but they were further away and just for the moment, her fingers coiled around the staff’s handle more tightly while she soaked up what it would be like to be… home. Soaked up the sensation of true divinity.~d~

Eishara Wolfvine: she had felt as if she were totally pulled from where she stood and through the very portal everyone else was going through. When she reached the other side and heard the Emperor say Fly... well she instantly brought out her leathery wings to keep herself from falling. She did not need the feather from Synthia but she thanked the woman very kindly and lightly while her gaze took in the splendor... no past splendor and magnificence of this place. Her body drifting down to where it would seem everyone else had gone to as well. She lowered her head towards the Emperor and the others but she spoke not a word... unless they had questions then she would answer to the best of her ability. Right now she would only keep her wings out but around her shoulders as a cloak while the rest of her looked a bit bloody from the field of battle she had left behind to be where she was now.~

Iskandar: The last remaining part of the opalescent one’s image was seen upon stepping through the threshold of the door and instantly his pupils began to dilate due to the continuous changes of spectral light around them. Words could not describe the scene that unfolded before the group of individual that entered this interconnection of realms, usurping <c>
their lands and coming into contact with land that mortal and immortal could only dream about entering into. As things around them subsided and they were greeted with an iridescent vision, he suddenly realized that throughout his bewildered state of gawking at the presence around them, that the campaigning company was falling! In the not most <c>
graceful of ways, the lordly elf attempted to, well, grab onto something but failed as the only thing he could really grip was the air before him and that provided not a single sort of leverage for him. Despite the behemoth giving the order to fly, he could not, for the life of him construe any type of spell to make this a soft landing due to <c>
the fact that while magic ran in his veins, it was not his forte. Thinking that he was about to fall flat right into the ground, he lost his breath mid thought, as the collar of his elven surcoat had been gathered by a massive hand, the emperor’s hand, and he brought on a face of thankfulness to the titan once they touched the ground. Though, <c>
he did end up taking the offered feather from the daughter of Wrath. On the way down, he saw Katalina reaching for the emperor’s cape guiding herself down elegantly with those catlike reflexes that she was known, indeed receiving the feather from the Arch Priestess graciously, for staying behind the group with Synthia faithfully following her <c>
to make sure that she was protected. Such otherworldly sights were indeed such a thing that were written by gifted scholars of the moral realm but it was much more than that as each location was pointed out by the winged emperor and to his party. His senses were tingling and pulling every which direction but through the symphony of the ethereal <c>
angels, he also heard the small, small distant cries of voices giving an indication that those were not the pleasant octave voices that loomed over them now. Ahead, he saw the inanimate woman that was anchoring these souls in the other word as she continued to guide them forth, heeding Viktor's words as well as listening to Drenai with his <c>
keen pointed ears. All the while, being silent as he ventured forth with the group. ::e::

Drenai Deathstalker: :: Viktor was already waiting for them below. Relief evident on the Titan’s expression, not quite sure how he’d managed that. “Ever a man of mystery, old friend.” Then slapping the back of the Elven Nobleman, who’d somehow managed to hoodwink his way into the group, giving him a gruff looking grin. Nodding in agreement with his General >>
as Drenai’s gaze briefly checked on the condition of the others. An encouraging smile afforded to his granddaughter and Eishara. The latter spoken of very highly by Wrath, the female having accompanied his son to the Dragon Peak Mountains on an adventure to obtain the sapphire augmented into the staff, >>
which the Arch Priestess now carried with her. In the distance, they could hear the commotion of battle. Of resounding explosions which reverberated in their souls. Then the sound of galloping horses. The collision of hooves gradually drawing closer, until the sight of seven women on white steeds were upon them. >>
The females were all statuesque and beautiful, albeit denoted by an almost alien complexion. For their skin was made entirely of glass, whilst their hair was long and silver, bound and swept over the backs of their mounts. “You made it through Heaven’s Gate.” Said the leader of the Crystal Queens, whose name was Storm. >>
The black armoured Titan raising his gaze to look up at them on horseback. “We brought the Stones of Chaos and Time, as requested. What now?” Asked Drenai, who for all his reverence, spoke with an urgency, even a thinly veiled impatience. Another of them, this one called Alustriel, found herself smiling at the Emperor’s boldness, >>
choosing to answer first. “The past and future move at different speeds here. Mortals are conceived in the womb, are born, grow old and die within the blink of a god’s eye. Belial and Sophia have waged this war, for far longer than you realise. It is an eternal struggle, that goes by different names throughout the cosmos. >>
Though its culmination is only now felt on Larlandarl,” she revealed with a gravitas and seriousness. However, the Nephilim hadn’t come here to debate theology, the progression of existence, nor how either was measured by these astral entities. “You didn’t answer my question.” Ever mindful of the Rift, the Paleblood and the perpetual darkness >>
which had engulfed his homeland. To which a response was forthcoming from a third Crystal Queen, who went by the name of Syluné. “Were it not for the Stone of Time, irrespective of your actions here, when you returned to Larlandarl, the world would have changed. A hundred years, a thousand, the transition can be unpredictable. The man who >>
possessed that sapphire was not merely a wizard but an accomplished Chronomancer. Keep it with you and stay within its radius, lest you become displaced by the flow of centuries and millennia, that would stream past you in seconds.” Sylune’s clarification pause for consideration, before Drenai hung his head to glance down >>
at the jagged ruby. The crystal emitting a fiery discharge as it dangled from the necklace, worn against his breastplate. “I think I already know what this one does. It makes us more durable, hitting harder and withstanding more damage,” said Drenai. Recalling his battle with the Viper Queen and more recently against the Paleblood >>
while wearing it, having slaughtered the latter in droves. A theory validated by the fourth Crystal Queen, Laeral. “The Stone of Chaos will be an equaliser for you here. These celestial stratospheres are similar to a dream world, filled with many intangibles, >>
most of which are chaotic in nature. Factor in the pandemonium caused by Belial’s invasion and you have enough disarray and frenzy for a perfect storm. Something that object around your neck will thrive in. If you all stay within the radiance of the Eyes of Demiurge, as they are known when combined, you will be enriched >>
from both stones. Take them to where the fighting is thickest and end this war for your planet.” The aforementioned purple shimmer of the joint energies of the Eyes of Demiurge, maintaining their iridescent glow over the party. Best described as a protective layer, with the benefit of mobility, against the unnatural conditions >>
of their environment. Lastly, came the voice of the fifth of these seven demi-goddesses, who raised her arm to gesture at a ruptured horizon in the distance. “That is where you’ll find Belial,” said Simbul. The sky where she pointed made up of highly charged, colliding particles. Creating a light display similar to the aurora borealis >>
of the Old World. Drenai almost struck by its beauty, remembered why he was here. “That’s all I needed to hear.” Igniting fiery wings from his back and seizing Iskandar by the collar, as the leviathan bounded into the sky. Leading the way through the air. A streak of flame in the aftermath of his levitation.::

Viktor Fallon: || The Crystal Queens. The beauty of them were unparalleled. Forever frozen in time due to the being made entirely of glass. They would forever remain as such, unless broken. There had always been seven, however. Even to Viktor. When one withered, perhaps another took her place immediately. Or perhaps they simply did not wither. An intriguing prospect, and something to consider at some point in his life. But not now. Now while they listened, while they waited, while they were told of world around them. >
Those Eyes of Demiurge would grant them the ability to survive, to return to a time they knew. As soon as the Emperor had taken off, the rest of the group would undoubtedly follow for the fact they must stay within range of the artifacts. The Ethereal remained. Looking among the Seven carefully as they shared knowing glances. The Ether had stepped away from its place within the Cosmos. They understood if Viktor was here, if the balancing Realm between the Light and Dark had chosen to enter the battle >
in order to bring about a culmination, then the balance had been disrupted. Then the forces of nature had called to him in order to make sure an end finally came about to a war that had waged for far too long. They needn't say anything, nor did he. For Viktor, there was no time. Time did not exist for this man, as the Empress herself had found out with her usage of Temporis. As such, the benefits of the stones would not weigh as heavily upon him. Something they knew, something they understood. A nod given >
to the Seven, returned to him by them all, for they understood the gravity of his own appearance. A destiny, or perhaps, far worse, a path, chosen by the Ether to come here, now, at this time. Once again Viktor had disappeared, the Ether, the essence of life and magic in all things, was in a place that held unspeakable power for him. There would be an end this day, one way, or another. The materialization of Viktor looked more as if the particles of magic and living essence swarmed together, like small >
specks of the turquoise nebula above them, formed together to once again give him substance and form. To give form to what was all around them, in all things. Here, in the Ethereal Realm, in the Abyss, or back in Larlandarl. This...was the true essence of the General that they had come to know. The true being of Viktor. ||

Synthia: Synthia’s thoughts drifted to Darian as the Crystal Queens spoke of the time shift. Even knowing that having given him a piece of her grace meant that he would not die of old age. It did not make him invincible. The Arch-Priestess expressed a deep breath full of the worry in the back of her mind that they would go home and she…. would be a widow. Or, fatherless. Or…her head shook away the doubts and Synthia’s wings once again propelled her after Drenai. Weaving –c-
through the bands of fire like bird who played on the drafts of the wind. Yes, this was serious but Synthia would not deny herself a chance to play in the heavens. What might be her only chance. Keenly aware of the fact they were flying –toward- the demon Belial. Toward a war older than even they were. It had to end. It would end. And they would all make it home. Synthia was not leaving without everyone intact. The staff was released from her grip and she smiled at it when it –c-
followed her through the streaks. Dipping, weaving, spiraling. “Look Grandpa! No hands!” Synthia chortled in amusement as she flew ahead of him.. not far… and then waved her empty hands before proceeding to do loops around his flying form. There may have even be an escaped ‘whee.’ -d-

Eishara Wolfvine: She was at awe for the seven reminded her of the high priestesses of her own Mother, Akasa. She then realized that the Emperor left from them and if they had not stayed close enough to him then they would be lost to the time of this place. She glanced back only to see the Viktor stayed behind... she tilted her head but still not a word at all. She
did not need them at this time and slowly... not too slowly... did she stay close to where the Emperor and Synthia were. Her own wings taking her swiftly after and nearly parallel with either or as if she were like a knight to keep an eye on the two. She had like a silent agreement within herself that these two needed to return to the land of the
living. It was almost like a silent pact she gave to not only herself but the one who had pulled her within this very direction in the first place. Her silvery eyes gleaming with power that was not miniscule in the least but it was definately like that of Viktor's.. that was for sure. she let out a soft giggling at the antics from Synthia and sort
of glad for it, for it made her heart a bit lighter for where and what they were just about to go and face.~

Iskandar: With his mind in vertigo because of the overwhelming energies stemming from every which way, the mithril magnate, just as he was slowly starting to get within his bearings felt a large hand coming to his back. This did not throw him off balance but it did stifle his airways once more, his breath hitching within his throat until he let out a <c>
light laugh of air, returning the grin back, a spark of vigor coming to his light gray eyes when looking up at the mammoth titan beside him. He had come here not for the glory or to show what he was made of, he came because he had made a promise and with that promise to the opal moon the elf would see through it to the end. Whilst he was <c>
considered tall among his race, this Nephilim towered over him and their party that were ushered forth into their intended direction until the sounds of thunder hooves were heard upon the plains giving an indication that more than just one person was approaching them. There, in their beauty, were the Crystal Queens, he never thought that he <c>
would see them but here in this realm were things of uncertainty were made real, a realm of the oneiric, Iskandar managed to look upon the scene with a limpid expression. The elf knew that he was just your standard couth nobleman, who went about his business in everyday life within society without shaking the foundation and held no special <c>
powers within him other than his acute perception and high skills in trade, yet he was not completely useless or at least he would have liked to have thought that. Whilst he held a skilled hand in writing, there was a reason why the man held a rapier so close to his side, a family heirloom gifted to him by the elders within his line. He could <c>
hear the patience thinning out within the emperor’s voice as the Crystal Queens explained their positions on time as well as taking in the portion of the two relics that the behemoth went to great lengths to attain, fully unaware of the story that came with the sacrifice that came in such artifacts that were within Synthia’s and his <c>
possession. Eyes casting up at the scene of the nebula, a picturesque scene that was a noctilucous display before them all. There was a pulchritudinous quality to it all but at corner of his eye he watched the materialization of Viktor, a man that was heralded as a beacon of hope among the soldiers because of his skills and battle expertise, <c>
never did he think that he would be able to see such a thing or think him capable of possessing such ethereal power that radiated off his form. This was his true self. Annnd, before he could fully ogle more at the ambiance before him, his ears visibly perked to when he heard the emperor's words, and there came that hand grasping at his collar <c>
tightly seizing him by his raiment and into the skies they went. Somehow, he felt as if this were some kind of test, considering the warlord may have heard more than once about the murmurs of the court with his daughter, and was testing the man to see his endurance by hauling him around like a sack of potatoes. He wouldn't let him down though...::e::

Valance Deathstalker: [ Cameo ] Somewhere, back in Larlandarl, the Arcane Prince had managed to to wrangle himself a mount of epic proportions. Standing upon the palm of the Storm Giant Sigurd, Valance rained down lightning bolts on the Paleblood while the Giant stomped his way through the enemy. The Prince living up to his namesake as a Deathstalker. [ End Cameo ]

Lady Knight: Glancing from the Prince, to the Princess and the all of that, she couldn't help but listen to the words and seem very confused. Though she was magic herself, this was above her, this was more than she knew and believed. This was not her style, not her thing, but she was here, so that meant something she hoped. Turning her gaze to the woman and the portal that had appeared inside the middle gaze, and her brow shot up. This was something completely different, this was stronger than her, holier than her, she>
didn't belong here nor she she belong through those doors, but here she was standing beside the rest of the strange looking group to enter those doors. Unaware of what one would see on the other side. A moment passed as she waited, and then she watched as one by one each stepped through the door. It was a moment before the Knight found herself stepping through it, she herself not used to the brightness of the light and she brought her hand up to cover her eyes as she did. She materialized not far behind>
everyone else, her hands on the sticks at her side as she looked around. The sight of the Crystal QUeens, this was the third time she had seen them and yet it was still a magnificant sight, still took her breath away and she was unsure why. They weren't something she hadn't seen before since she had seen them before, but still. Her eyes moved over them as they explained everything and where they needed to go and how to get there. For now the Knight was an observer and a follower, going where ever she was >
needed and following whoever was leading this party, which happened to be the Emperor.~

Drenai Deathstalker: :: Occupying the upper stratosphere of Heaven, was not an advantage in itself. For many entities crisscrossed in an enveloping scene of aerial combat, dancing and darting across a skyline of turquoise and tangerine. One that was slowly encroached upon by an Eternal Night of deep mauves and starless black. A blanket >>
of suffocating gloom that was parallel to the perpetual overcast, back in Creation. Meaning the lush paradise, rolling hills and vistas of Celestia were being desecrated, plundered and scorched by the eruption of volcanos, brimstone and Hellfire from the torrent of Demons who’d conquered vast swathes of Heaven already. >>
Almost as if two worlds and all that entailed by way of gravity, atmosphere and magnetic fields, were colliding in a very physical sense. Light and dark hemispheres of separate and wholly autonomous horizons, igniting this cataclysmic apocalypse. Here was where the most powerful beings in existence locked horns >>
for primordial supremacy and although terrifying, happened to be glorious from a shear literal and visual standpoint. Winged denizens, saintly champions, cosmic enforcers, otherworldly chosen, avenging angels and spiritual soldiers, united in an eternal struggle as they sought to resist Belial’s demonic tide. Each celestial hero >>
denoted by their presence and action, being of awe-inspiring variety. Collectively lending their aid in a dramatic collision of forces. The wall of noise overwhelming as mystical swords and spectral shields clanged against each other amidst a maelstrom of city-sized explosions. Here was clearly a domain where the dead had risen, >>
to be crystallised in pure soulform and made entirely of energy. An Afterlife under siege, meaning whoever had lived and died, could surely fight and fall for a cause they believed in -in this- the battle of battles. Being a crusade of many faiths. Although Sophia was the Supreme Head, her open door policy allowing for broad Polytheism >>
meant a plethora of ancient cultures had a stake in this. Thus countless pantheons had joined together, all with an investment to see the outcome of this conflict, go in their divine favour. Lightning crackling as Drenai flew amongst these cosmological legends, like an annoying wasp buzzing its way to the centre. >>
Swooping low as a warhammer the size of a house, was thrown into the bulbous stomach of a demon, before Mjölnir was summoned back into the hands of a charismatic Viking. Meanwhile the Nephilim had continued his trajectory, falling like a blazing comet, his fiery wings igniting the air. Knowing that as long as his >>
group possessed the Eyes of Demiurge, not only would the continuity of their Timeline be preserved, but they could fight almost as effective as the gods they were now surrounded by. The Axe-Man staring up at the rolling clouds of the Apocalypse. Watching a golden chariot flown by a Pharaoh with a blue hawk head, >>
steer his solar barge in pursuit of a gliding monster with bat wings. Whilst on the opposite end of the battlefield a bare chested man with an impressive beard rode the wave of a tsunami, raising his Trident triumphantly, before unleashing a deluge of water against a dragon with five heads. Evident this mythical clash of the elements >>
was as fantastical and as epic as any to come before it. No surprise that the Asgardians, Ancient Egyptians, even the Olympians were a part of this eclectic mix of powers. After all, Larlandarl was a mishmash of converging religions, some old, others new. Being a Sanctuary. A cultural Haven, allowing for ancient forces >>
labelled as False Idols, to be nourished and replenished by their heathen followers. Worshippers who spent their mortal existence praying in the human Empire of Deathstalker. Well acquainted with their histories, Drenai marked these glimpses of Thor, Ra and Poseidon to memory, realising it was the first and likely last >>
time he’d have that privilege of watching them fight. “Let’s find Belial and end this!” Roared the black armoured Titan, charging into a tide of giant insect soldiers, known as Hell-Ants. Soul Bleeder and Basilisk swung in wild devastating arcs as the Titan lashed out at the Arch Demon’s shock troops. Chopping into antennas and mandibles >>
as glowing green blood splattered on his blades.::

Aezer Ryzen: He had been just intime to grasp onto Jade and be able to take her out from the battle field... take her to one of the healing tents to be taken care of only to then head on back out to the battle field once more. Taking quite a few arrows with him this time but knowing that they would be used up in a swiftness of time for there were just still too
many of the enemy spilling from that of the rift. He would see the huge behemoth of the giant with the Prince upon it and he grinned while making his way to another part of the frey in order to help others either get off of the field of battle and top a healer or to just help them out to be sure they actually would last for a few more enemies of
non stop gore and pleasurable blood lusts.~

Rhea: [Cameo] Much like the great Valance Deathstalker... somewhere in the midst of the falling bodies was the horned, pierced, cloven hoof demon named Rhea. Most knew her as Vasilie. Although the human image that she'd once taken over was gone now in favor of her true demonic form. And what side was she fighting for? Neither. As a chaos demon, Rhea was just thrilled to skip through the field of death and decay. Much like when all this started... singing a quiet song out loud. Ignoring completely the strange {c}
looks from Paleblood and Immortisian alike. "Ring around the rosie... pocket full of posies..." on queue Rhea threw the flowers into the air while she skipped in circles around the dead. 'Ashes. Ashes. We all fall down. Ring around the rosie, what do you suppose we can do to fight the darkness. In which...we...drown." {d} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl7O8_kWeOc [/end cameo]

Viktor Fallon: || The battlefield. They had come to it at last. Among the Gods, the heroes of Deathstalker had no choice but to fight onward now. The enemy they had faced before nothing in comparison to what lie ahead of them. Each new foe could crush thousands of Paleblood. Each demon, each hellspawn. These were the creatures of nightmares, creatures that devoured Gods and their religions. Through the air it came, spinning slowly at first, then faster, harder, coming down beside the Emperor to cleave a head clean off >
of one of the Hell-Ants. That large glowing sword, a sword enchanted by the ether, and its wielder, Viktor, came out of nowhere to grasp the hilt, materializing once more after the blade at struck in pull it free from the ground. Truth was, Viktor could not engage in battle at first. The Ether could not start the battle. Here, in this Realm, he was forbidden to raise his blade unless his chosen company had raised it first. Or in self defense. A unfortunate way of the things for the man, but nonetheless, >
a rule he could not disobey. This was not his Realm, and even if he sought to raise his weapon without provocation, it simply could not happen. Now though? With the Darkness spilling into the Light, with his friends charging headlong into a battle that would determine more than just the fate of Larlandarl, Viktor could act. Act he did. One sword, albeit a large one that cut through these manner of beasts as if they were made of paper, the man was not staying still. There was no disappearing act this time. >
There was a path that had to be cut. A push to the center. "There!" The epicenter of it all, it seemed. Where the darkness was thickest, and the light flashed in such grandeur it could only have been Sophia fighting against it. They had to push through. Insurmountable odds faced them. But not just them. Just as the Gods fought with them, Viktor allowed the Ether to flow. Fallen comrades, fallen heroes. Fallen lovers. Fallen siblings. A call through the Realms, a call to the dead. A call to the forgotten. >
Specters, spirits of those they once knew joined them, surrounded them. All the soldiers Viktor had seen fall over the years, General Ethan of Icedonia, Patrick, Gabrielle's faithful beta. Countless others joined in. They would fight, they would not be forgotten. They would push through, and they would confront Belial. These fallen heroes would make sure of it. ||

Synthia: The figures… they were all known to Synthia. Some more intimately than others but she had a keen awareness that she was in the presence of her betters. Synthia’ s bare feet touched down. The staff hovered beside her. For a moment longer than Drenai she remained there at the back. Looking around the field of battle. Searching… for… someone. More than one… spotting her winged family members in the thick of it, the woman took back into the air. Hovering over her –c-
grandfather while her bow of divine light was drawn from nothingness to fire off bolt after bolt of holy magic. Targeted the frays of the ants that would attempt to encircle them. Acting as a protector of the protectors. It would be interesting to see if the demon she’d made a deal with would uphold it. But that was barely a thought while Synthia darted around picking off the stragglers. When suddenly she was joined by three other angels. Hans, Amaedus, and a female figure –c-
who vaguely resembled her mother. It was. It was her mother. A smile of understanding was given before the three of them joined the fray to surround the group with divine protection. Slaughtering their fair share of the demons. From the darkness, came hounds, and demons of prodigious appearances. When Hans went to strike one down Synthia swooped in the way. “They are here to help.” Giving a nod to the demon lieutenant who had sought her out. The mixed mass of –c-
divine and otherworldly beings joined the cause in winning back heaven. In restoring balance. A path would be carved with Synthia offering up archery and healing support. Her strengths did not lay in physical battle and she knew this. So, she played to her strengths. The staff seemed to know it as well. Doing a mighty good job at preventing any projectiles from hitting her. –d-

Eishara Wolfvine: she would see the devistation and even felt it upon this purety of planes. She shuddered and the tears started to swell up but then so too did the anger and those tears started to slip down her cheeks like they were made of acid. She took up her bow and as she was still in the air she would dip her acidic tears with the tips of her arrows. They
would be shot out towards the things that the emperor and the rest started to go through and swiftly did each one start to eat away at what it would hit... a mandible... gone. A head... gone, taking a bit longer but still... gone. A leg... gone... all in a matter of moments. She would then bring forth her sword of choice and land just to the left
Kat with her soul sword of Sjachi, the very soul of her son within it. A soul stealer to help with all that he had become over the very, very long years since his sacrificed death. He would be able to fight on his own on this plane but to be on the safe side she thought it best to just keep him in her hands. She was not sure of this plane of
existance and well... she liked him being close to her, any way. The summoning of the souls only had her grin and with but a thought a soul gem came up from her pouch and swiftly did it launch forth from where they were so that as soon as it smashed against the ground at least six souls came from it only to start to work their way back towards the
group with the slaughtering of anything and everything that was not of the group itself. Was she a soul reaver? Kinda... it was hard to say what exactly she was but then at this time she was not really caring as her strength and stamina seemed to be never ending as long as she stayed within a certain radius of the Emperor and those crystals he
has upon himself.~

Lady Knight: Following into the battle, her eyes moved over to everyone that was there, moving through them as she brought her hands to her sticks, sticks she had been training with since she got them. A moment passed as her eyes glanced around, the battle was raging, she had seen her own gods and goddesses there, Artemis with her arrows, the sun god with his golden chariot, and so on and so fourth, but she was to busy trying to fight. She gripped at her sticks, moving them around her body, sure her sword would be>
better to kill with, but the sticks at her side, they were infused with magic and she could use them better for killing. It was hard to explain as the Knight moved, A dance of her feet, a movement that showed that the woman was used to fighting. As she moved with Eishara on one side of her, something appeared beside her, a presence she hadn't felt in over .. well since the battle of Highdale. Her eyes turned to look and there he was. Arno, a man she hadn't seen... in a long time, a man that she had loved>
deeply. He was here, how was that possible. He smiled at her and winked before he removed his sword and spring forward. She watched the grace in which he moved, it was something she hadn't seen in a long time and she remembered why he was her first. A smile pressed to her lips before she lunged forward, but as she did, she had a thought. Drizztren, where was the woman that she had loved, a woman she had been friends with for as long as she been here in Deathstalker. Moving forward as she heard his words.>
She paused in her step, faltering as she looked at Sophia and the creature, but she kept fighting, her body moving as she lunged forward, fire coming from the sticks to burn hot in to the creatures, setting them on fire, watching them writhe in the pain as they burned, the fire that came from the stick must have been something different. Something holy, that would make sense though since the sticks came from Merlin's tombs and were lined with Runes. The woman fought side by side with the man that had>
appeared beside her as if he had been dead for as long as he had, as if he hadn't died in that battle and they hadn't been apart for so long, it was a beautiful dance, almost sensual in nature.~

Chimera: - The overwhelmingly bright light that had spilt forth from the doorway, chosen by none other than Synthia Herself, an arm was raised to shield amethyst hues. Her full tiers pulling back in a long toothed grimace as the Demon in Her hissed from the intensity provided by celestial light. Surely this was where this ended... no Demon had any business on the other side of that doorway. But was that not where Belial and His minions were at this very moment? Taking a deep breath, and albeit drastically >>
slower than all of Her companions combined, Celeste found Herself passing through the gateway into what felt like the dawn. Not expecting Herself to materialize a few heartbeats of time later in a free fall above the Elysian Fields, the breath of the celestial wind caught Her off guard and She let Herself fall for a time. Only opening those leathery appendages to glide upon the air once the Emperor's own shouted words reached those delicately pointed ears. Following the fiery winged Emperor across the >
heavens, most likely the darkest being within the group, if auras were considered, She did Her best to take in all that was happening around Her and the magnitude of those things that She was gifted with the privilege to lay eyes upon. For a split second, Her eyes would close, letting Her senses take in everything without the overload from Her optic nerves. When those oculars opened again, She took in the sights of the General, Viktor, fighting with several manifestations of His fallen comrades, Synthia >
joined by Her fallen family, the Gods that fought this, the most divine and pivotal of battles. Leathery wings beat strongly against the air as She pulled Herself up from touching any form of land at that moment. She had been fearful of Her ability to even be able to help on this plane, but now that She was present, and had even fallen witness to the Demon Lord that presented Himself to Synthia to aid this band of defiant 'Creation' dwellers. As the Demon approached, Chimera found Herself rising higher >
slightly than those around Her, bringing Herself closer to the Darkness that flowed through and around this celestial plane. As She embraced the darkness around Her, drawing it into Her being, She allowed it to further fuel the darkness inside. As She opened Herself to the Power of Darkness, Her amethyst gaze would seem to glaze over, an abyssal shadow veiling them in shadows. Pulling the Darkness into Her and letting it fuel Her own power made Her a conduit for the Shadows, creating an UnHoly territory>
that doubled the strength of Her abilities. Weaving Her own dark web, She would use the darkness to manifest Her own minions of mass proportions to join with Her companions own fallen comrades. At the same time, Black Lightening crackled along the black blade of the sword She drew from Her back and between the fingers of Her left hand as She directed sizzling bolts of energy into the masses of dark minions coming toward them, brandishing the bolts like whips as She slashed through the creatures >>
viciously. As severed heads rolled and bodies fell to pieces in sprays of green blood, the small troop of Shadow Constructs would engage others around them. ~

Iskandar: The clamorous sound of sword against shield became more distinct to those ears of his and what awaited them was the culmination of their journey through the wards of realms, protected by the artifacts that were within their possession, the elven lord felt consistent tingling sensations all throughout his body. Display after display of those <c>
talked about legends came before his aged light gray eyes, unearthly things that could not be described; a cataclysmic event that only those who were within his campaigning company could bear witness to. Would anyone believe the words that came from their mouths should they ever return? No, no, this moment, they were libertine in their oncoming <c>
actions and this going to be their one defining point. Now that he had landed, through the throngs of otherworldly beings, he gave one last look over his shoulder towards the behemoth that roared at them, calling on their intrepid spirits to push through these unknown creatures that soiled these sanctified lands. Reaching to his side, in one <c>
fluid motion, he unsheathed his rapier, and the thin sword looked to be crystallized with ancient clandestine esoteric writing with small hints of elven intertwined along the intricate designs of it. Joining in with his comrades that charged forward at the emperor’s deep growling behest from within his chest, that experienced hand of his <c>
lambasted the creatures around him, tearing at their flesh, his elven raiment speckled in that same green glowing blood that the titan and those around him continued to spill secreting into the spoilt elysian fields. He was not a man that was used to the tides of battle but what pushed him forth was a promise and he would *not* fail her. <c>
Beginning to feel a tug of the ethereal energies once more, he paused mid way as he was thrusting his rapier through the nearest defiler’s head when he saw it, and the elven male let out a silent cry to the one that stood before him. Donned in diaphanous layers of starlight and dark black hair that followed her like a shadow came forth <c>
Elenithil, [by permission of the typist] the woman looked as if she had much to say to her great-grandson but she reached out with a hand full of ardent emotion and the tall rugged elf tried not to be verpklempt at her refulgent appearance. Lachrymose, he took in a sharp bated breath and let out the rest of his exhale in small unsteady amounts <c>
leaning into the hand that briefly touched his cheek running through his hair only then to push him further into the fray. A man that was not easily perturbed felt a brief tear slide down the corner of his cheek before he pushed it away with a quick hand smearing spilt blood in the process, making sure to upright himself. Guided by her hand, <c>
he looked through the field of battle and saw that there were, in the midst of it all, elven star deities that were said to watch over his line by the guidance of his elders made their appearances known. These magnificent otherworldly glowing beings represented the stars that were said to usher forth the paths of those who followed them, they <c>
were the Seven Divine. Anarrima, Menelvagor, Soronúmë, Telumendil, Valacirca, Wilwarin, and Alcarinquë being the one divine that overlooked her children and founded their foundation of the stars. Women and men draped in the glow of the same light that stemmed from the star elf herself. They all now stood with the mithril magnate and pushed him <c>
forth to subdue this darkness, to make it so that there was a scintillation to the skies once more. ::e::


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Drenai Deathstalker: :: Proceeding the stomping Arch Demon were charging legionaries. Tall as oak trees and full of spite and hatred. Once men deemed unworthy by the High Creator, they’d found refuge with the Arch Demon since their inception into the Gates of Hell. Taken and reforged by Belial, appearing now as shadow winged, horned Devils >>
with black gums and cracked teeth. Meanwhile above, light was completely blotted out by plumes of billowing smoke, which marked the inevitable approach of their Master. Smouldering clouds that rolled across the skies of the universe as Belial stomped towards them. An Eater of Worlds. A Creature. A Thing. He had come >>
to sate his monstrous appetite. Thus nothing less than utter and complete annihilation of the celestial stratospheres would satisfy the Arch Demon. He would break the spine of Heaven; such was his voracious hunger to consume. Having an unquenchable thirst for souls. Draining the lifeforce of all living things. Leaving only death >>
and destruction in the aftermath of -this- the final battle. An Old God. A Dark Father. An Ancient Foe. One that laughed in mockery at this mass assembly of dwindling False Idols who sought to undermine his inevitable victory. “SOPHIA WILL DIE.” It promised. This was a conquest of their spiritual population, >>
a decimation of their Pantheons, like they’d never known before. Pledging to his Legions, who’d followed from the bleak sanctuary of the Abyss, on this unholy crusade, that the Goddess would be toppled and humbled. Shackled like a broken whore by the Arch Demon’s feet, when he finally claimed the Celestial Throne. >>
To look upon Belial was to gaze on a miasma of horror. A snarling, multihorned image of unadulterated, archetypical rage. A bulbous mass of protruding tentacles, eyeballs and slithering appendages. The armies around him engulfed in perpetual night as the Arch Demon outstretched his wings, enveloping them all in a primordial shadow. >>
Not since the Pre-Dawn before memory, had Nightmare itself inspired such an Over Fiend. His gargantuan form collectively made up of rotting carcasses of the damned. Mutilated writhing bodies, originating from every known species, layering his hulking frame. For here towered a spirit of immeasurable malice. Flayed corpses, >>
faces torn into rictus grins, piled atop one another, so that the mass collective became a frenzied, animated, fear inducing type of armour. Belial proclaiming only cataclysm and despair should any stay and face him. “THIS IS THE END.” He cried. Roaming talons that clawed and ensnared, threatening to consume any foolish enough >>
to draw near, lest their remains become another decorative bauble amidst a menagerie of guttural suffering, to be worn on his skin. It was beyond imagining, truly, thought Drenai as he looked up and took in the sheer scale of the Abyssal Monarch. A buzzing cloud of bloated flies spewing from the Arch Demon’s gaping maw. >>
Polluting the air with a putrid stench of rotting meat, forcing many to gag. Vomit threatening to launch from the throats of the righteous few who dared approach. Eyes stinging and watering as the heroes struggled to hold back tears. Drenai leading them bravely through a torrent of acid, faeces and muck. This literal Avatar of Evil tormenting >>
their minds, debilitating their courage as it tested their wills. Bile-laden prophecies haunting one’s inner consciousness, with a primal song of doom. Causing hearts to jump at each staccato note, as souls jarred at each imperceptible threat. The instincts of those imparted with any reasonable, natural sense of self-preservation, >>
imploring them to scream and flee before they were engulfed. Did they really think they could withstand this apocalyptic onslaught? Face Belial? It laughed at them. Mocked . “ABANDON HOPE.” Taunting. For this wasn’t some hero-outing to slay a dragon and then go on your merry way. There would be no glorious, triumphant finale. >>
This was an abhorrent opponent from the Ninth Layer of Hell. An Entity that had crawled up from The Pitt to chew on saints and gods.::

Viktor Fallon: || Despair. There had been nothing in the world that could have prepared the group for this. For that. Despair was something that the Arch Demon would instill in his foes in order to achieve his victory. It was a rightful emotion. How could any hope to combat that? How could any hope to even measure up against it? And where did one strike? Where did one even begin to consider how to combat it? A foe, that Viktor, would take on. It is the end. But not of Sophia, not of the Gods. Not of the Light. With a >
path being cut through the swathes of bugs, flies, and foulness that spewed from the demons and insects alike, Viktor worked that greatsword marvelously, spinning and ending anything that go close that wasn't an ally. Viktor pushed through, keeping himself beside his friend. "We win, or we take that bastard back with us when we go to Hell." That was the only option. Spoken to Drenai, the understanding of the reality that in truth, they likely would not return from such a colossal opponent was very real. >
This enemy, this foe, was powerful enough to crush even the Ether. A prospect that would have stilled lesser men. They hadn't a choice now. They were in this, they had to fight. They had to win, or die trying. Not for themselves, not for back home. But for everything. For everyone. For every world. The sword was swung, the energy culminating an arc projectile, flying towards the Great Devourer. It was time to make it known they would not back down. They would not shy away. Let him come, they were ready. ||

Synthia: For the woman who rarely got dirty this was her hell. This was an ultimate nightmare. Flying through this… she didn’t even want to know what it was… but she was sure she’d never be able to get the smell out of her head. The doubts that he spewed at them were swiftly being met with resistance by the Arch-Priestess who cast Faith. A spell meant to raise morale and give hope to friendly forces within a 100 yd radius. Out from her body expelled a wave of divine blessing. Roiling –c-
through each of them to provide some relief. The other angels around them began to cast similar spells some for healing, some to aid in combating the creeping doubt, but up rose golems of celestial light at the beckon of their individual casters. Synthia too called upon these golems who were acting not just as defenders of the righteous warriors but as beacons of light to fight the darkness. “Hey. ASSHOLE!” Synthia spouted at the devil. “Abandon This!” Her hands moved in ritual –c-
succession. Casting Quills of Banishment. Until finally a ball of light as bright as a star was shot toward the demon and once closer, shattered into hundreds of arrows that would not only harm the demon but begin to work at his very foothold on these celestial grounds. These were spells she had learned in secret. Preparing with Darian for this very moment. To prove… to herself mostly… that she was indeed the daughter of the great warrior Wrath capable of holding her own in a battle. –d-

Eishara Wolfvine: she started to faulter... started to fall behind the rest and hold onto her chest as it gleamed just slightly. It was here and now that she must face herself or fall to the way side. It was here that she would hear the cryings of a male child and the very act of what she had to do in order to become what she was now... Shati Warrior. She endured
the very memories of sacrificing her son... a son that would not grow up due to the fact he would have died before his second birthday. A son that had actually looked up to her as if letting her know it was alright... he knew that she loved him. He knew that this was the only recourse. With a scream of such anguish did she come back to her senses
so suddenly and so swiftly. When Kat thought of Drizz there was a greenish aura that seemed to come off of Eishara and something very familiar to that of Kat and her perceptions of her long lost friend. But... how was that possible? Eishara did not and would not remember anything of her life before this one and would never be able to tell Kat who
she really came from... who she had once been. She looked to the others as they were only a few feet ahead of herself and with a glaring up towards Belial did she strip off her ole form and allowed all to witness her truest of forms. Head: Ten short talons, six inches in total length, that start at the bridge of the nose and crest over the skull to
the base of the neck. Wings: Draconian in appearance, however made of the same talons as the rest of the form. There are twelve bones that run down along the 'flesh' of the wings. Emitting from each bone is a twelve inch talon. There is also a twelve inch talon that emits from the bridge of the wing. The outer structure of all the bones making up
the wings are lined with a quarter inch razored talon. Arms: Along the top of the wrist there are two talons, thirty-six inches in length. Three talons that curve towards the elbow along the outer part of the forearm, twelve inches in length. Two talons wrap around the wrist, one over the top, the other going under. extending from the elbow there
is a forty-eight inch talon that is slightly curved. Back: From the base of the neck to the tip of the tail there there are seventy-two 'V' shaped interlocked talons. The tail has two talons that form an ax. Legs: From the hip, two talons emit to wrap around either side of the leg. The knee has a single talon pointing up at fourteen inches, there
are also two others that emit on either side of the knee these are four inches in length. Below the knee there are two sheets of talon that emit and wrap around the shin and calve. The ankles have a single talon that emits and wraps around the foot as a boot. Seeing the energies from Viktor made her grin and swiftly did she start adding her own to
the frey of battle towards that of Belial as well. her body gleamed so brilliantly that it would seem to push the very essence of the darkness back... mere inches but still it was something. Her anger... her very energies growing against this of what was supposed to be the king of all kings... the one that would take down the very heavans? "FOR THE
LIGHT OF ALL!!!" she would yell out and whatever light that Synthia would let loose.. her own was just as fantastic as the light would not spread but go directly for the very middle section of Belial's body and just after it disapppeard there would be a sudden explosion outwards of bodies and such from that mid sectional body.~

Lady Knight: So much was going on around them and yet she didn't even seem to falter as she moved with Arno, and then there was something else, two things actually. For a moment she thought she felt her friend, Drizztren, the green light that came from Eishara, and then it was gone and she moved her body to look back at the fighting, the creatures around her until something else, another man came up on her other side, A man that was taller than her but looked exactly like her. Her gaze turned to him. "Father?" She>
whispered, the man smiled, a real smile, once taht she had only seen a few times in her life time before he nodded. There was her father on one side and Arno on the other. It was time for her to fight like she used to, fight like a demon (no pun intended). Her sticks in her hand and her father and her best frien at her side, it was what pushed her forward, at least until the light of Synthia came pouring down at her and she looked over at her before her eyes moved to the beast, the creature of nightmares,>
one that should have sent shivers down her back and yet all she did was stare up at her a moment. A moment passed as she listened to those around her. Her eyes moved up to the demon and she knew with the men at either side, she would over come this. "For the Empire" she shouted with the sticks up high as she turned her body and a stream of fire shot out from both sticks, hitting hard against the demon, though it was holy fire, she didn't know how much damage it would do.~

Chimera: - Glowing green blood sprayed across the Winged Elf's abyssal colored armor, dark hair, and facial features as She advanced with the others toward their formidable opponent. The putrid smell of the colossal Arch Demon assaulted Her nasal passages and had Her wishing that air was not a necessity. Jezus! Even as a Demon Herself, She couldn't fathom the stench that came with Evil. So apparently She wasn't as evil as She thought She was. Blade and Lightening whip sizzled through the air, cleaving thru >>
those close enough to fall victim to Her vicious strikes. While the bile in Her throat brought with it a disgust and growing sense of hopeless, She savagely pushed it down, drawing on the power of darkness around Her to strengthen Her own constructs and attacks. As Viktor loosed His own projectile in the direction of Belial, She drew back with Her left arm, the Lightening whip forming up to take the shape of a black bolt. That same black bolt was loosed in the same direction, aimed for the chest of >>
the abomination even as Her blade arched wide, slicing through one of the minions that came within mere feet of Her. ~

Iskandar: The disgusting not so redolent odor of death could be smelt even more now as the denizens, nobles, and royals alike approached the mass of atramentous darkness that defiled the lands. Calling forth a shield of magic to surround her great-grandson, the wispy starlight covered elf continued to usher Iskandar on but even still there was depravity <c>
to the air. Like anyone’s thoughts that currently surrounded him, how could anyone amass the collected energy to fight this dark creature from the nine layers of hell? Feeling thin hands coming to his shoulders, he gave a tip of his head to the transparent glistening woman behind him, there was a look of determination to her face but there was <c>
also something that could be read as concern. Pressing her lips against the side of his tipped ear, the aristocrat listened to the soft words that were whispered to him in elvish, and within his peripheral vision he beheld the image of the stoic Shaughnessy. A mere image of the woman on the other side of their looking glass that anchored them <c>
to these planes, he could feel not just her power but the power of others around them bearing witness to their strength and the support that they offered in spells like the display of multiple light filled arrows that crashed down in on Belial by Synthia’s hand. Since the spell of despair had been cast upon their morale, it seemed to dissipate <c>
due to the Arch Priestess’s spell to boost their spirits, lessening the gravity of previous magic that was upon them. He soaked in the words that came in murmurous whispers from the tall elegant star elf behind him until he finally opened his mouth to speak, pointing his rapier upwards towards the demon that could cause his demise in one swoop, <c>
“…Antolle ulua sulrim. [Much wind pours from your mouth.]” Setting his jaw, his eyelids slanted at the disgusting sight before him, nonchalantly, he asked in a cold tone, “Lle tela? [You finished?]” Positioning his rapier, he was aware that he could die here, as not so eloquently pointed out by Viktor who spoke with the emperor and yet, at the <c>
same time he did not wish to break his promise to the opal one, he had too much to live for but he was willing to accept whatever fate was going to bring forth to them. Out went the former archmage's hands and they were guided along Iskandar's shoulders and in synchronizing motions, due to the overwhelming power that gave a boost not just to <c>
him and others around him but it assisted in the formation of a spell right from the tips of Elenithil's fingers, her last sendoff, her last spell, light whispers were formed from the two individuals and as they changed the spell, a rather large ball of energy started to form before them iridescent and covered in multiple colors; the spell of <c>
Flare was completed and it was launched towards the demon along with the other attacks of those around him. ::e::

Drenai Deathstalker: :: One look at the Arch Demon was enough to instil a sense of complete hopelessness. Some obstacles were just too vast and unconquerable to contend with. There was no use praying, because the gods were all around them and finding themselves subjected to the same awful fate as the heroes. What could they possible do against this? >>
Yet those brave few who’d accompanied the Nephilim in this battle of battles showed no sign of relenting. Their courage stirring something in the Emperor as he looked around and found himself inspired by the actions of his companions. Knowing he couldn’t give up on his friends, if they’d found the courage from somewhere >>
to endure this madness alongside him. Salvaging the last vestiges of hope, to carry on. Realising the Nephilim had a sense of obligation to all who’d followed him this far, to see this through or at least die trying. They couldn’t give up. Believing if they were condemned to this mutual fate, then surely it was worth dying alongside each >>
other with their honour intact. Shoulder to shoulder with a sword brother, beside comrades and family. A righteousness best exemplified by Viktor, as Drenai absorbed the weight of the General’s gaze, nodding in stoic agreement with his old friend. He was right of course. “Stand together, for your homelands, for your families and for each other!” >>
Somewhere deep down, the Titan recognised this was bigger than just the Empire. They were fighting for more than just Larlandarl, but all worlds in fact. Nevertheless, Drenai had never proclaimed himself a hero. He couldn’t lie to himself if he hoped to win here. Only honesty saved you now. He’d come here for selfish >>
reasons, because his back had been against the wall and the people were looking to him for guidance. The tyrant was many things, but a failure wasn’t one of them. Remembering the populace of Immortalis, frightened and cowering behind the walls in Creation, knowing that the streets of his Capitol would soon be overrun with Paleblood. >>
Lest they’d already succumb to the Eternal Night and taken their own lives on account of the utter hopelessness of it all. “Win at all costs,” he muttered with a snarl. Grunting. Drenai gritting his teeth as the leviathan steeled himself for this impossible task. Charging forward as he delivered an onslaught of vicious attacks, >>
executed with no wasted motion, as one strike seamlessly transitioned into the next. Cleaving Basilisk into the torso of a black gummed Devil, whilst the flat of Soul Bleeder’s blade was rammed into another’s face, breaking more of their teeth. Using a forward driven momentum which had him swinging both blades simultaneously, in a frenzied >>
rotation. Rending reality and space around him as Hell-Ants and Demonspawn were cut down with visceral, sweeping arcs. Meanwhile the Stones of Chaos and Time, glowed brightly from the Titan’s chest and Synthia’s staff simultaneously, stirring a primordial wave of energy to rise up and envelop the heroes in a tangible, protective radiance. >>
The Eyes of Demiurge, emboldening them to fight on. Yet therein lay the key to victory he knew. As long as they all stayed within the purple emission of energy from these ancient artifacts, there was a semblance of protection. However, it was evident to the axe-brandishing leviathan that these crystallised relics wouldn’t win the war >>
or them on their own. That required bold action. Realising the answer had been in Drenai’s hands the whole time. Daunted by the prospect but knowing it was the only way, the bone scythe was set down at his feet, so that Soul Bleeder could be outstretched, fully in front of him. Held horizontally, as it was projected away from the Nephilim’s >>
body. Hands gripping the top and bottom ends of the haft as muscles strained. Taking every ounce of his colossal strength to break the legendary weapon in half, for in sacrifice lay the ultimate reward. Until finally, there was a crack. Then another. The metal and wood rupturing from the intense pressure Drenai subjected the frame >>
of his Axe to. Until there was only Light. An awesome eruption. Like detonating a nuclear blast as a violent explosion of souls ignited the battlefield in a spiritual wave of wind and celestial power. “I set you free.” He told every man, woman and child that had ever been condemned by the prodigious guillotine. A torrent of bursting, >>
reality-bending illumination annihilating everyone and everything stood within the substantial radius of the Soul Bomb, unless they were enclosed within the dome-like radiance of the Eyes of Demiurge. An anguished roar from Belial as his silhouette could be seen covering his horned head with its talons, in a desperate attempt to shield its >>
eyes. Having been stood at the apex of the detonation, as the overflowing explosion of combustible ghosts, obliterated the Arch Demon.::

Viktor Fallon: || Defiance. Despite all odds, despite everything they had faced, this was one thing they could not hope to defeat with normal means. But that did not matter. They would fight, they would push, and they would remain defiant to the end. Forward they pushed, fighting beside Drenai, Viktor's sword twirling and and spinning, a never-ending movement accompanied by flashes of the ethereal turquoise that the was infused upon the blade as they moved closer to the demon, the vile wretch they were to destroy. >
Drenai's halt however caused a moment of pause until Viktor realized what he was doing. Defenseless in this state. Mostly. "Stay in the circle! Defend the Emperor! Do not let them pass!" A call to their comrades. This was it, the end game. They just had to hold. And it was getting more difficult by the moment while the demons came at them. Empowered by the stones, emboldened by his friend, Viktor cut down anything that came close. They had but to hold out a moment longer. And that time came. "Shield your >
eyes!" That power, that force of nature that would never be repeated again was enough to even have Viktor wondering if they'd survive it, if the barrier would hold from the stones. Mere moments was all it took. Though an eternity for those caught within the blast. It seemed to have gone on for minutes, time seemingly have slowed briefly to those within the circle. Silence. Deafening silence. Only the sound of their own breathing, and then reality snapped back to them. Lowering his sword, Viktor let the >
tip fall to the ground as he looked to where the Arch Demon had been. Gaze then turned toward Drenai, toward the man who had sacrificed his own weapon, a weapon of legends, in order overcome a foe unlike any other. "It is done.." They had won. At least here. Turning to look at all those around, Viktor sought to make sure every last member of their group had survived, hoped, they did. ||

Synthia: All Synthia could do was focus on the task at hand. Keeping them alive. Raining down healing and morale boosting on a scale that far surpassed anything she’d tried to do outside this world. It was tiring. There was no denying that despite the aid provided by the Eyes of Demiurge this was taxing. The sudden expulsion of souls caught the focused caster off guard. Managing to just barely shield her eyes with her wings but the blast of wind as the Arch Demon was defeated sent –c-
Synthia tumbling to the ground. Shielding herself from the blow out by covering herself with her wings. It felt like eternity before she dared to move again. Picking herself off the ground to peer around. The darkness was gone. Light began to filter back through the heavens. Roars of celebration as the gods and their warriors alike celebrated the victory. Above them the visage of Shaughnessy. “Let’s go home.” Synthia walked over to the group and pointed at Nessy. The Crystal Queens –c-
rode toward them, their glorious glass appearances taking on and reflecting the now rising lights of the heavens. ‘Your task is complete. You must leave now.’ Synthia gave a nod and pointed up. “Follow her to the light. I will be right behind you… there is.. someone I need to hug.” Synthia drifted over toward the sight of her mother and wrapped her wings around the other angel. Sharing a moment that would touch her forever. ‘I love you my daughter. But I must return to my proper place.’ –c-
Without warning the three other Higher Angels shot upwards in bright flashes of light. Beckoned back to the realm of her Father God. Synthia nodded to the Crystal Queens who made a throwing motion launching all them at speeds far exceeding that of their own will. Rocketing the group through the light that marked their exit. Only, they didn’t land where they started… the group was spit out onto a cliff overseeing the Valley and the Castle below. In the distance…. –c-
sun shafts from Llarlandarl’s suns began to peek over the horizon. Palebloods evaporating into ash as the light touched the ground. However, Synthia experienced the sudden disconnection from the door and all the strength it had taken far differently than them. Behind them she laid motionless on her side. Wings laying over her body. The staff still clutched in her hand. Must like Shaughnessy that final push of energy was more than her body could handle without some ramifications. –d-

Eishara Wolfvine: she was able to get off at least one more shot of that brilliance of a beam of light but to follow it up would be that of the explosion, she just barely missed, from the axe. Her own body swiftly plummeting downwards into the barrier even more only to fall to her knees and like that of Synthia be blown over so that she was biting at the dirt, full
faced. She would even feel the holy wrath heat from all of those souls being released and felt a bit too warmed up on her back frame but she knew she would be alright... a bit sun burnt maybe... or not. She cooled down swiftly enough but damn she was so tired. The brilliance of light not even phasing her as she was, face planted in the dirt...
heheh... ooopppss. When she finally raised her head she was looking between legs to see that Belial had indeed went... splat... in many different directions and yet the barrier seemed to hold. Sighing out softly she arose but as she did so she would tiredly go back into her elven form.. white robes this time though for her clothing... ah yeah that
was going to be a bit harder to bring back onto that small lithe frame of hers. She then yelped out as she and the rest of them were practically thrown out of the heavans, just after being thanked by the queens of glass... still believing them to be the high priestesses of Akasa but that was her oppinion. Again though she landed and beside the
passed out Synthia. she blinked and just in time did she bring her wings out and land in a kneeling positioning with one knee down and one knee up. She gazed to be sure the woman was going to be alright and sighed out softly. She like the others... probably where exhausted as all get up and go.~

Lady Knight: Her own fire had been added to the fray of the beams being shot at the demon thing. At Belial. It was a holy fire that came, powerful, though not as powerful as the Priestess and the Emperor. When Viktor told them to cover their eyes, she did, she wasn't going to go blind. She knew that she could do this, and she had, she had done things she had never known possible and then she looked up to see that the man err the large demon had gone boom, literally exploded all over the place. She had been lucky to not>
get hit by demon guts, but still it was kind of gross. She heard the thanks by the Glass Queens, the beautiful women that she had seen in times and then they were all being thrown out hard out of heaven. She had never been thrown out of anything ever, at all. She landed hard on the ground, she wasn't expecting it and her sticks had landed next to her with a thud. It took a moment for her body to get out of it. She let out a gasp as she stood up slowly, pulling herself up from the ground to look around. She>
saw the others as they came out, her eyes moving along to see the sun as it was starting to come up over the horizon and the way the pale bloods were disappearing. It brought a smile to her face as she reached down to pick up her sticks. a real smile to her face. She was so glad that this was over. She was ready to get some sleep, to just collapse and never get up again. She had an order to rebuild, but other things to think about. She wanted to see her father again, she wanted to see him again, wanted to>
see her friends and family. She felt sad for a moment, but that didn't mean that the war wasn't over. It was over, they had one, even at a great cost.~

Chimera: - Having sent Her Brother, Darren, on the excursion with Wrath DeathStalker in the days leading up to this, She had been surprised when He had returned and handed Her the black bladed nuisance She wielded this day. While this blade resembled Her own, it was obviously larger than the one that She carried on a regular basis. This was, in fact, Darren's blade, Insanity. In the momentary lull of activity in the Emperor, the realization coming a moment later as He held Soul Bleeder in such a way, She >>
glanced at the blade in Her hand as She shrunk from the sky and let Her booted feet touch the ground for the first time. Gripping the black jewel that decorated the end of the hilt, She broke it free of the claws that held it so preciously and tossed it to the ground. Raising the blade bladed sword above Her head, She brought the lightening charged blade down on the jewel with all Her might, shattering the thing just as Drenai's own Axe snapped, releasing the Soul Bomb, giving the Souls their freedom to >
join the others released. Raising Her left arm, She shielded Her eyes, turning Her head away from the blast. In the flash of light, She was unable to see those around Her. Thus forced to use Her other senses, enhanced as they were by the UnHoly Territory that She held inside Her at that moment, to 'feel' for friends and foes around Her. As the flash ended, leaving them to stand in the eerie silence, She glanced around Herself, letting Her own blade fall, tip striking the ground lightly. Exhaling a >>
pent up breath, She looked around at the ruined Elysian Fields, the abyssal veil that had covered Her amethyst eyes fading... and the amethyst in turn fading to leave behind the ethereal blue. Insanity would be lifted from the ground after a few moments, the blade deposited into the sheath that awaited on Her back. A slight shake of Her head was given, Her blue eyes down-turned so that She might look at Her own hands. Demons had no business in such a place as this. Perhaps in that moment, the Elf was >>
the stronger of the personalities, as the overwhelming urge to try and burn away the taint of the Arch Demon boiled in Her blood. So much so that, from Her fingers leapt the very flames of Hell, directed at those Hell-Ants and other Hell Spawn closest to Her, burning both body and blood. 'Cleansing' away the Demonic taint as only fire was able to do. While the attempt to clean up their surroundings was short lived as the Crystal Queens came into view once more, Celeste found that She felt at least that >
much better about Her role in all of this. A bid, perhaps, to prove that not all Demons were as horrid as the one just vanquished. At the movement of the Crystal Queens, She felt Herself rocket through time and space, sent back to whence they had come. Exiled, for a time, from the Heavens until their true time was come. Alas, when time and space stopped reeling, finding them all deposited at the precipice of the cliff, She sat for the longest of times, just staring out over the vastness of the >>
Valley of Horses and DeathStalker Castle. Where to go from here? Ethereal orbs took in the sight below as the Paleblood army started to collapse in on itself. The Demon Spawn disintegrating into nothing more than ash as they fell with their creator. The light was filtering through the darkness now. It was time to rebuild. To start anew. Her dark head turned then, eyes touching on each of the others around Her as She considered the future. It was then that She noticed Synthia lying upon the ground >>
unmoving. She was tired, Her body demanding that She find somewhere to curl up, and soon, but She couldn't ignore the fallen Female. "Is She alright?" She inquired, groaning beneath Her breath softly as She drug Herself up to Her feet and took a step toward Synthia's fallen frame. While She knew that She had the ability to help the Female, were She physically injured, She hesitated in approaching Her. After all, She was the only one present that hadn't handed Her life over into the keeping of the >>
Emperor, and thus, was not the most trusted of those present. However, when no one else moved to check on the fallen Seraphim, She sucked it up and moved over to the Woman. Kneeling down next to Synthia, She would carefully roll the Female to Her back and spread Her wings out, away from Her form to check Her over. Firstly making sure that She was still breathing. Secondly, looking for any wounds that may need attention. Despite Her weariness, if She found no wounds, Chimera would move to collect >>
Chimera: the Woman into Her arms, using some of that dwindling demonic strength to lift Herself and Syn from the ground. "If it's no nevermind to anyone else, I'll carry Her down to the Castle." Glancing from one to the other, She saved Viktor and Drenai for last, giving everyone ample time to stop Her as She approached the edge of the cliff slowly and made to step off. ~

Iskandar: This was for their future and the generations to come upon the once bright land of Larlandarl. They were not to terminate this damned creature that had killed countless lives and comrades that he once knew within the heart of Immortalis and the surrounding towns within the realm. These damned Palebloods were now going to see their last day and <c>
even if he was not borne to fight or did not have the spirit of a soldier, that would not stop the determination that the lordly elf had within him, summoning up what moxie that he could muster within himself. Guided by the otherworldly powers that were brought forth upon the group, that previous spell that was launched towards the demon sliced <c>
through the throngs of creatures around them, cleaving through the holy soil as the spell made its mark, along with the penetrating spells from others that surrounded him. Soon, though, he pulled himself forward, doing what was bidden to him as the General known as Viktor called out and he stayed within the enchanted circle that provided them <c>
protection. Whilst the ensorcelled spells provided them fortitude, it was becoming harder to fend off the masses that were coming in at them at all directions but he preserved, hand going numb upon the hilt of his rapier, blisters now starting to form away at his skin. These setbacks upon his enervated body did not stop him and he continued to <c>
dismember and stab multiples around him with lambasting lithe movements. Watching the sacrificial motions of the emperor with his beloved weapon, an axe that he had seen countless times on him in the past was now being offered as the ultimate final blow to the Arch Demon that dare come upon the heavens and defile these sacred esoteric lands. <c>
Before he could fully comprehend what was transpiring, he saw the translucent robes of Elenithil sway in over him shielding him from the momentous light that surrounded him due to the blast of power from the emperor. Closing his eyes tightly, he looked away, the previous sounds of swords clanging and the voices of many just abruptly stopped and <c>
the once culminating darkness that poured over them began to ebb away, dissipating fully. Being told to open his eyes by the star elf, the aristocrat was hesitant but he heard the distant clanging of a sword from the direction of Viktor and he pushed away the diaphanous cloak of his grandmother to see that everything dealing with that creature <c>
was absolutely decimated leaving nothing but the remnants of the fallen upon the weary party. And then, a loud eruption, the trumpets sounding, a euphony from heaven itself, it was magnificent to behold. Yet, he felt a swell within his chest and while he wanted to celebrate he felt a tightness within him when he tilted his head towards the form <c>
of the dark haired beauty that moved so gracefully to him. Her long slender arms moved about him giving him a crushing tight embrace, “Cormamin niuve tenna' ta elea lle au'...lle ume quel, Iskandar.” Softly, she kissed the top of his head and stepped back to part herself from him, a look of sadness coming to her countenance but she could stay <c>
no longer disappearing with the presence of the Crystal Queens. Just as the male was attempting to reach out for her touch one last time, he felt himself free falling, and with a *hard* thud he ended up landing onto the cold hard ground looking up at the monolithic three doors from an upside down position. His rapier clattering beside him in a <c>
comedic like way as he tried to regain his breath, once he had upright himself, he quickly gathered his senses and the astute tall elf looked towards the direction of the opal maiden, pushing himself upwards, he came into her direction without a second thought but was quickly stopped by those that had been protecting her. :: Shaughnessy: <c>
The illusionary-Shaughnessy merely 'looked on' with blind eyes through any trials and death that might have befallen her father's company. Someone might have died and fallen through her ghostly feet, to find no reaction from the image. Perhaps this was the manifestation of the true-Shaughnessy's fears about the stars: One day she might become <c>
immaterial and cold, distant as an uncaring star. But the truth of it was, this projection was the product of immense care, for her father, her family, the Empire. For those she loved, for those who deserved a right to persist through their chosen life paths not overshadowed by demonic darkness. The true-Shaughnessy's prophetic, unclear fears <c>
bout finding her place in a heavenly place in a starry grave proved wholly ironic. For this was a pure product of love after all. When the adventurers returned to the location of the portal, it was time for Shaughnessy, back in the physical plane of Larlandarl where the ritual had anchored them all, to expel the most energy she'd ever given <c>
toward any effort in her life. The image she'd cast to follow near to her father and his companions began to mimic the motions of the true form of Shaughnessy beyond the portal. Though the illusionary vision of the woman still made no sounds of any kind, no words, not even the whispers of rustling clothing or colliding strands of hair as they <c>
fell about her shoulders amid her ritualistic gestures. Synthia had kept the gateway open, this door between planes, and Shaughnessy's spirit would drag them back through it to the wholly living world they all knew. Back Home. When she gestured to them, they could each choose to pass through at the timing they elected, though some expediency <c>
was likely prudent in situations as precarious as this. If any had been lost, left behind, or fallen in the battle, the illusionary-Shaughnessy did not seem to demonstrate awareness of it. After all, the image was only a projection, without senses, made to follow near to them, and echoed the movements of life, but in the end, it was only an <c>
elaborate lifeline between planes with a familiar design. As the last adventurer connected to the projection stepped through the portal, immense fatigue struck even the face of the illusionary Shaughnessy, echoing the drained body of the true woman who'd pulled them, living, back through. As they walked back into the physical world, back <c>
through the other side of the portal, fatigue-inebriated violet eyes found them with distant relief. Then her frail, diminutive body crumpled toward the floor unconscious, medics to confirm she'd slipped into a coma. Her part had been fulfilled. Sophia withdrew her lingering consciousness from the woman who'd been her vessel for so long now. <c>
And she was the Avatar of Light no longer. :: Amidst those that surrounded the opal maiden who had slumped over, it seemed to be in slow motion, as if she were a falling star, her light began to diminish, the stardust evident within her gown as she fell in that unexpected motion, "...I no longer sense the goddess's presence about her <c>
any longer..." He gently whispered but his eyes focused upon the body of the maiden, his eyes expressing the utmost concern for her crumpled mass upon the floor. Forgetting common courtesy, he pushed forward, and bent down to take her into his arms but did not move eyes looking down at her sleeping face. How long was she to be in this state...? ::e

Viktor Fallon: || The End. It was over. Belial''s reign of terror finally ended. The Gods rejoiced, the Crystal Queens approaching. They were to go home judging by the Seven. A look however, once more shared between them and the Ethereal. He knew, as did they. Looking to his friends, those who journeyed here to the Heavens, to the Realm of the Gods, Viktor merely watched them for a long moment, even accompanied them to the gate that would bring them home. It was there Viktor stopped. "It is time for you all to return. >
There is...unfinished business yet. Stay strong. The light is yours once again." Approaching Drenai, the pair clasped each others forearms, knowing full well what Viktor intended to do. They needn't say it, but a moment was shared as they looked into each others gaze, their hardened weary expressions saying all that need be said. It was in that moment Drenai got to see it. His friend and sword brother turn to dust, turn to particles as the wind blew, the ether scattering about as once again Viktor >
disappeared into the realm of the Gods. Drenai gone, returned home with his fellow companions. One less than he had entered with. But was that truly a surprise? The unfortunate truth was, the Paleblood still remained. The light had incinerated a good portion, had destroyed the bulk of the force, but still they remained. Creatures from the dark, an enemy only guided by Belial. They remained on the surface, growing tolerant, growing bold. The rift remained open. There were more where they came from. >
The war was over. But the battles were not. Were they ever? It was that knowledge Viktor had stayed behind, had let the doors close in front of him, and let those who fought valiantly return home. "You could have gone..." A Crystal Queen spoke to him, to the wind, and from it, the very essence of the Ethereal spoke back. "I could have. But we both know I must remain." The fight was not yet over... ||


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 Post subject: Re: The End Is Nigh Upon Us{Final Battle w/Belial Full Log}
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Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:28 pm

Because I lost the log when it was posted, it's going up in its raw form. Enjoy. ))

|| Rebirth. The land had been given light once again. That third sun, that artificial light created by the Magister still there, shining away, nearly as bright as the two original suns of Larlandarl. Life renewed, the process of rebuilding could start once again. A time of peace, perhaps. A time where the Empire would know the tranquility that came without war. But the fighting was never over. The Paleblood, while many had been obliterated and destroyed, >

those closest to the city had been eradicated. But the Rift was not of Belial's creation. The Paleblood not an enemy spawned from a demon. They were an enemy created by time, and power, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years before the rise of the Deathstalker Empire. For Viktor, that time was a blink of an eye if he so chose. Like the Gods of the Realm they had ventured to, Viktor Fallon was beyond the scope of mortal and immortal. >

A being of an entirely different essence, an entirely different place. The ability to return from the dead was not so much that in reality. For the man could not die, in the traditional sense of the word. His body was not constructed of the same carbon blueprints that most other life was. His body had been forged, crafted from the essence of the Ethereal Realm. The pure raw essence of Ether, the untold magic and life force that inhabited all living things. >

The balancing force between Light and Dark. A rare display had occured within the Realm of the Gods. The truth to who and what Viktor was. The truth behind the General that followed Drenai Deathtalker to Heaven. Destiny, some would call it. But in that moment there surrounded by beings of legend, the group who had accompanied them had gotten to witness that the man they had seen walk beside them, held more of an agenda that >

surpassed even saving Larlandarl. Belial would have fallen, regardless, that day. Viktor had gone to make sure of it, and would have, if necessary, unleashed a swathe of destruction that Belial himself would have envied. The essence of Ether was a dangerous thing indeed, quite akin to the Soul Bomb created by the breaking of Soul Bleeder, Drenai's faithful companion and weapon of choice throughout the ages, but on a much grander scale. >

A power, that Viktor had sealed away with his venturing into the Mortal Realm, into Creation, as it had been called. It was a power that could not brought to force within the land of free will. It had to remain where it was, in a place designed to hold such. Such was, the Ethereal Realm, Hell, Heaven, Purgatory, the Abyss. Whichever you so chose to call these Realms, but Viktors power had been locked behind those doors, sealed away by the man himself, >

by the Ethereal himself, so that it could not be unleashed upon the Realm of Men. With the defeat of Belial, and the diminished strength of the Paleblood numbers above ground, the Empire could push them back over time. Could push them into their holes once more. But the war had taken a toll. The cost was too great. The hope returned, but the fight had dwindled. They were not strong enough to push a foe of that magnitude back after having fought for so long. >

The awakening of the Paleblood had been Belial's work, however. And so, Viktor had promised to restore Balance. Not spoken, but the clasp of forearms with Drenai had spoken enough. Whether his friend knew it or not, his Empire would be spared and given the chance to thrive once more from a battle that would have, should have, crushed his people. >


It had started out simple. Slowly. Almost unnoticeably. But it grew in strength, in power. The light of the sun on the horizon about to set dimmed under something that had began to materlize in the sky. A turquoise hue, given life by what appeared to be waves of light, not rays, but actual waves, of the same color. Those who had accompanied Drenai would immediately recognize the sky, the way it mimiced the very Heaven they had ventured to. >

Growing stronger, an opening of a gate within the sky, within the Heavens it seemed. A bolt of lightning, only made of energy crashed into the ground outside of the city. The crackle and boom loud enough to echo for miles. The Paleblood were struck, and in their place stood ghostly soldiers constructed of Ether. More bolts, more soldiers. Paving the way forward, soon those soldiers were stepping out of the air, appearing much as Viktor had disappeared in >

Heaven numerous times. Who were they? What were they? It was then little orbs of that Ether floated about, flashing in that color before creatures now stood where those orbs had. Large behemoths, men of rippling muscles, towering over even the Emperor's own son, Wrath, wielding weapons that could flatten a man with ease. Hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands. Outside of the city was aglow with the Ether, their light, their power causing static >

of energies as the world around them tried to compensate for the intrusion of such a force. Friend or foe? In front of the line, in front of the massive force, another bolt struck. In its wake, stood Viktor Fallon. The General had returned, though the aura of light that surrounded him told of a being far different than the flesh and blood man who had resided in the Empire for years. A raise of his word, the blade wide with Ether, glowing, and once it fell, >

that army burst into action. To the Paleblood. None were spared. Each one cut down left no trace. Dispersed by the power of Viktor's army, each strike caused every Paleblood to turn to dust. Fear was a very real emotion for them now. Even as they clambered to escape back into the Rift, Viktor's faithful warriors followed, like a wave of water spilling over the edge of a cliff, they flew down the walls as if they were merely figments of an imagination. >

Cutting down each Paleblood close enough until none remained visible. Away in their holes, pushed back into the Rift to hide once more among the darkness. Balance had been restored, and Viktor let go his warriors, freeing them back to the Realm they resided. Souls that had been turned into Ether, granting the Realm its staunch protectors and army should Balance be disrupted again. Turning to look back toward the city, a small smile crept upon his face >

as the soldiers cheered, men and women rejoicing, the city going up in arms as the defeat of an enemy they tought would have been destroyed with the return of the Suns. It was truly over now. The return to the city, and the castle, all but remained for the General now, though a long walk for sure from the edge of the Rift. His aura had died down, returning him to that state of humanly appearance. Even the sky returned to normal. And now, >

Viktor had to return home, to find his wife and children, hopefully. But the man was aware of Patrick. An ache in his heart of the beta of his wife, a man who would have given his all to protect Gabby, and her children. A man, who did give his all. ||


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