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 Post subject: Guest Wedding Ambiance Reference
PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:48 pm 
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Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:10 pm

Below are descriptions of the decor within the capital of Immortalis for the wedding for quick reference. The full thread with all details is available at "♛[RP & OOC]Hᴇʀᴇ Yᴇ! Hᴇʀᴇ Yᴇ! Rᴏʏᴀʟ Wᴇᴅᴅɪɴɢ! Dᴇᴛᴀɪʟs Wɪᴛʜɪɴ!♛" - visible once you log in!

Please come and enjoy the wedding event with us tonight (Thursday, 10-13-16) as Shaughnessy and Iskandar join their lives together.

You may also visit the website Iskandar made for the event, with more visuals and an audio player!



.: THE CITY: The capital city was dressed in festivity and merry array, from colorful streamers catching in the autumn breezes and carrying sheens of sunlight along their lengths from many of the rooftops; to the cheerful, spirited chime of instrument and song down every major avenue. Now and then, eruptions of applause and cheering spilled from the business district, or the noble quarters, and even the slums, where entertainers divulged Larlandarl histories in lively and imaginative fashion. At major intersections and near taverns and inns, and at the heart of major squares and parks, barrels of wine and ale were ever at the ready to fill a celebrant’s cup. Turkey legs and spits of pigs were handed out to people, who often cried out “Long live the Empress! Hail to the Emperor! Bless the Princess & her groom!” and other such blithe declarations as they received these bounties given by the Crown. Merchants groomed their stalls and shops in flowers and imperial banners, and all throughout the city there were little impromptu altars to Sophia outside of business and residential doorways alike. They were crafted elaborately to simply, but most implored the realm’s prime goddess to bless the union between Shaughnessy and Iskandar. The city’s primary temple, too, floated on what seemed to be an island of flowers and offerings to Sophia and her Nephilim descendants to wish good health upon them all. If not for the priests and priestesses within governing that there should at least be a *path* clear to the temple entrance, one might need to wade through a sea of flowers piled up on the sidewalks and cobblestones surrounding the illustrious temple just to enter. Guards of every variety marched in their finest regalia, polished to a new luster, some wearing the favors of their admirers. Mages paid close heed to the magical currents of the city, and cavalry of both ground and sky proceeded about in their finest displays, too. Some of the more famous Dragon Riders (mostly from the Dragon Races) swept low to entertain the masses, though most remained along their designated routes in the Sky Paths. Shadow Ravens were in full force, unseen, observing for patterns or peculiarities of any variety, obvious to subtle. The road up to the castle seemed as if new for its upkeep and aesthetic, decorated with symbols of strength and beauty where flower-covered maypoles stood interspersed along the sides of the route, while more elite guards with proven veteran history stood between them, their various types of blades and pikes glinting in the late day’s sun. Flower petals fell from the skies above, where a few wyvern riders were tasked with creating this atmospheric effect while guests arrived that day, sweeping in patterns above the road and tossing the flowers down into the light breezes. :.


.: THE CASTLE: Within the imperial fortress that stood as the heart of the vast Empire, the décor was no less splendiferous. Magic was hardly a secret about the atmosphere, and while the intricate and powerful runes in the throne room were still in full effect warding against invasive spells or intrusions, the mages employed by the Crown had interwoven benign magics that did not set off the runic wards. Arcane wizards supervised, monitoring the runes and ensuring no one was blasted into a gory puddle for any inadvertent mishaps while ethereal luminance was added to the air above the court in golds and sparse accents of color. Every corridor was thoughtfully illuminated with this scintillating celestial atmosphere, and flowers poured in cascades from windowsills and pillars. A rotation of tapestries and paintings were brought out that related to Shaughnessy’s lifetime and happy moments with esteemed relatives and allies. Gabrielle, Viktor, Alessandrah, Drenai, Eione, Josephine, Synthia, Wrath; courtiers dancing at past occasions, Bhrynnalin holding a baby Shaughnessy; heroes of the past and present in victorious moments, too, such as Jade, Neveah, Darren, Rashun, and more – these were the prominent images, while pastoral scenes representing major reaches of the realm turned stone walls into vast windows into carefree seasons near and far. Exquisite food was ever on hand at the feasting table, with the finest of wines and ales to pair. Servants were cheery in the atmosphere, but also took their posts with the utmost honor and decorum. All of the castles windows could be seen aglow from beyond the structure for the warmth that radiated within, a merry atmosphere designed for the kind-spirited daughter of the Crown. It was naturally far from the Emperor’s more barbaric tastes, as any who knew him or of him would easily recognize, marking it all the more precious that he permitted his domain to undergo such an empyrean transfiguration for his daughter’s special occasion. :.



.: THE BHRYNNALIN GARDEN: Outside of the Bhrynnalin Garden, stood an adjacent arch of vines and flowers magically illuminated that acted as a guide for carriages to be led away by servants and stable hands whilst nobles and commoners alike began to gather for the ceremony. Each party of guests was graciously received, led down a path of flower petals (that were frequently refreshed by attendants), and overhead spanned a similar set of organic, floral archways with artful cascades of flowers hanging downward, some likely tickling about the crowns of the tallest guests. The ushers guided guests to their seats once they emerged through the whimsical beauty of the arched pathway, providing them with hand-painted programs which provided brief schedule and recognition of the royal couple’s loved ones, all in elegant flourish. The rows of plush white chairs set up were filled one by one, and anticipation gradually grew in the happy atmosphere. The layout had been designed by the Crown’s expert event planners, whose lives seemed built up for such prestigious occasions as this; the imagery they sought to relay for the event was a union of human and elven cultures, hints of divine Nephilim inheritance accenting everything through the magical luminance. Different varieties of flowers hung from the passages, placed with care and blessed by the priestesses of Sophia – these colors including white, yellow, and purple – colors that represented purity, friendship, and royalty in the ceremony of the princess and the elf. Skilled mages assisted in the décor of the altar placing orbs of light instead of candles, assorting them in lines one by one to create an arch, twisted in vines and long strings of white orchids. Seats reserved for royalty and family members were placed at the head of the ceremony, followed by well armored guards to oversee the current event should anything happen. The Emperor and Empress of course were provided slight elevation above the rest of the guests and their two seats were markedly different, though suitable to the décor. :.


.: GARDEN RECEPTION: .: Those that entered through the adjacent floral archway leading away from the ceremony, would come to notice the diaphanous awnings over their heads as they made their first few steps through the threshold to the reception. Glass orbs filled with small candles, were placed meticulously about the gardens, hanging from the branches of trees and shrubs by a long white silk ribbon, they tossed ephemeral chimes each time that the wind carried through their branches. Elements of magic were interwoven not just in the light of the swaying trees but in the luminescent orbs that were placed upon the long, mauve cloth covered tables. Upon these dining tables, servants and coordinators arranged the area as if the viridity of the gardens had sprang to life, creeping in vines and moss, with an array of white flower species woven throughout. In the center of each table were brilliant displays of medium sized trees, littered with the same spectacle as the lush trees and bushes that surrounded the garden. Wine glasses, goblets, plates and napkins were settled neatly along the tables but beyond the evening’s glamorous dinner settings, there were the large assorted table of meats, breads, cheese, fruits and barrels of ale neatly stacked for one’s consumption. Amongst the variety of food, confections were placed about complimenting the grand wedding cake that towered high in its multiple layers of vanilla and butter cream frosting, fashioned after a more fanciful interpretation of the castle itself. The feast would include prime rib, filet mignon; roasted duck, chicken, and quail; variegated vegetables both cooked and cold, fruits, boiled and mashed potatoes, and on and on – the options were truly a demonstration of the Empire’s diversity and wealth. Finely dressed attendants were in vast number and stationed at all food displays and at the ends of each grandly decorated table. Beyond the natural ambiance of all of this, too, was a vast, similarly illuminated dance floor, with a dozen chairs situated for the musicians. The evening would bring formal and informal songs from across Larlandarl, human, elven, dwarven, fae, and all of the fine, festive varieties these cultures brought to the Empire. Rotations of musicians would come and go based on the culture presented, where sometimes unique and foreign instruments would come on display. Of course, all of the musicians were meticulously vetted along with the rest of the staff and guardians to the fine evening. The city would mirror the festivities in the garden reception, as food and ale and endless music were shared to the citizenry in Immortalis’s illustrious streets beyond. :.

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