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PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:37 pm 
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Wed Aug 10, 2016 11:49 pm

] OOC: For those who miss the post in the room, or wish to get a feel for the atmosphere to assist with an early post, here is the ambiance of the Vaskaris Estate for their All Hallows Eve Masquerade below. [


-] AMBIANCE: [- :: Above the crisp autumnal night hung a low harvest moon, casting a low wash of yellowish luminance upon the capital city of Immortalis. Shadows extended their tendrils at length for the eerie lunar luminance invading their usual umbral hideouts. Ghostly wisps of misty clouds haunted across that great, orangish moon, catching an ephemeral glow in the transition. Bats of the season chirp in barely-visible billows of dark, rapid wings as small swarms swoop and rise where insects had thought hope of shadowy refuge. The yellow eyes of a black cat peer like lanterns upon passerby who begin their approach of the Vaskaris property, so wreathed in its iron fence and gate.

To those who enter with even the faintest awareness of magic in the world, a tickle crosses the nose and whispers cool and faint in fleeting experience upon the nape of the neck; as the Vaskaris are mages, and their wards are layered to protect themselves and their guests this night. Each guest passes through these ethereal, invisible curtains as if passing through spirits. Once beyond the iron gates and these initial veiling wards, guests arrive to a grand lawn bedecked in jack-o-lanterns carved with exquisite design and in vast quantities, illuminating the yard in a flickering, golden glow. Was that a will-o-wisp peeking from around that far pillar? Was that pale blue haunting in peripheral sight really one of those small, tricky spirits? Who could say… though the house does contain a spiritmancer.


The grand double-doors themselves stand intricately designed with a touch of foreboding in the atmosphere – is it merely the night, or more wards or illusion spells swirled in the air purposefully to incite these eerie yet exciting feelings within arriving guests? … or maybe both? As the doors are drawn open in unison by refined servants, guests arrive to an elaborate display within the foyer, where illusory cobwebs hang from dark lacquered woodwork, glinting with silver to assure guests that these are mere elegant illusions, and silver, too, to add refined effect. Innumerable candles warm the atmosphere, shadows ebbing at the far reaches of the high ceilings and extensive floor space.

Music is poured down upon guests by a macabrely robed quartet seated sat the center top of the grand double staircase that sweeps down to cradle into the immense great hall of the house, where the indoor side of the party is largely to gather. Below, to best indicate where the dance floor is designated, two pairs of translucent poltergeists in antiquated fineries spin and dance together, oblivious of anyone around them (they could very well be illusions, too). They float through anyone who walks into their paths, giving little more than a chilly sensation briefly down the spine.

There is a booth with a spooky, glittering scrawl declaring “Trick-or-Treat Illusions” to flag guests to this area where they may receive the promised illusion spell that will enhance aspects of their costume to look more alike to the character they seek to portray through it (the treat); or… for a few guests, the spell cast may in fact transfigure the person into the nature of their costume for one hour (the trick). Three vassals with magical inclinations await in this booth, grinning and waving luring fingers inward at passersby; each of these vassals wear eye masks suitable to a masquerade, and are only permitted to cast one of these two spells, and nothing more.

The halls beyond these tall stairs are darkened, indicating that they are to be kept in private; to assure no areas of the house that are not opened to guests are not trespassed against, wards sheen across doorways and corridors where there is no light to welcome a wandering soul. To add to this, vassals stand watch in the mouths of these closed off regions, and more ominous still, the Vaskaris’ greatest protector, the menacing, ill-omened shadow of The Cimmerian patrols the grounds and keeps his eldritch watch. His hulking form is an outline of shadow and menace, and his sentience is connected to the wards and the Vaskaris members themselves in an esoteric fashion, so that if trespassers seek to bypass vassals and wards, or bring malice against a Vaskaris in their own home… The Cimmerian emerges.


Though beyond these closed off areas and an ominous sentinel, the atmosphere is a cheerful eeriness, warmed with candlelight and the tricks of each grand costume. There is food of exquisite preparation aplenty, and thanks to a purchase from the brewer Montague, the party is supplied with a long list of diverse tonics, presented by the satyr himself! Servants carry platters with wine flutes and hor d'oeuvres of vegetarian and carnivorous varieties; and naturally the Vaskaris display their wealth in the spread within a feasting area. Meats and vegetables and desserts of every assortment, all styled by chefs and pâtissiers in an All Hallows Eve fashion. There could be no want for luxury or comfort within this grand affair.

Though should this not all be enough to entertain the guests of the noble warlocks and sorceresses, double-doors stand open to the back veranda, which is covered in countless jack-o-lanterns flickering light through their carved toothy grins or along artistic spirals. A sign stands in plain view for the occasion, painted with a silver scrawl, whose ink seems to shift around unnaturally. “The Haunted Gardens,” it informs guest, with lanterns placed on the ground to mark a trail into the darkness, giving *just* enough light to see where to safely tread. Along the path, will-o-wisps flicker in and out of sight as pale blue globular mists, showing that the visitor is ‘going the right way’ (though unlike tricky will-o-wisps in the wild that mislead, these truly are guiding guests correctly along). Around a manicured shrub, a translucent, misty gentleman doffs his top hat, wordless and colorless. Suddenly, too, children manifest from nothing, running ahead of guests to a watery echo of young laughter, before they evanesce again into the gloom. Owls with unnaturally bright, orange eyes peer down from a branch crossing above the turning path, hooting and staring down at guests with those round, but merely curious, stares. And so it continues until the Haunted Garden path brings guests in a loop back to the veranda, safe and whole, to the welcoming glow of the jack-o-lanterns. ::

Brews provided by Montague:

Montague Ve'dari presents

Common Scents Collection

Bella Capella
Most sturdy sippers serve this tonic neat,
For "this-and-that", a zing of bittersweet.

Orange Melody
Summer sour and winter cream admixture.
Sunrise blend with clouds year 'round, a classic.

Balanced flavor, creme de menthe and tall grass.
Spring fields beckon the breath of glacier peaks.

Beach Liaison
Sweet and tangy, for hot days and warm nights.
The hint of spice in refrain, gentle kick.

Nocturnal Remission
On wings of light, no fear of night's recall.
Beware the morn, and heavy burden'd eyes.

Placid Dropper
A ship to carry with speed, toward dawn.
The land of Nod can tempt a lesser soul.

Ruffled Feathers
Autumn hearth, cinnamon, spice and cocoa.
For best results, combine with watered milk.

Argyle Circumstance
A dire need, expel with speed and force.
Please use responsibly and with restraint.

Fountains of Gawain
A tonic green, to clear the mind of pain.
Results in minutes! For headache relief.

Despoiler's Maw
To that ruinous cave, so few return.
To slay the dragon and gain her favor.

Candied Grapple
A glossy shine o'er dings, dents and gouges.
A sweet aroma to fade away in time.

Wormwood Reserve - Limited Distribution

Business Hours: By Appointment Only



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