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 Post subject: Response to the 'RP Summit'
PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:50 am 
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Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:42 pm

Given the recent interest in our group from outsiders, I’ve decided to finally address this matter myself. Members are free to direct any future inquiries regarding summits or UN peace treaties to this post.

To the folks concerned, whether you like it or not, the moment you sent Savannah Lion into our chat and had him extend invitation on behalf of your summit, you effectively associated yourselves with him, meaning there were consequences. To the extent that we already take a dim view of your intentions.

So here’s how it's gonna go. If he and indeed yourselves really cared about our game, cared about the spirit of roleplay, what it stands for and should really aspire to, with the intent of cultivating this immersive experience for newer players so it continues to thrive, then our demands will be heeded, because frankly you need us more than the other way around.

The man playing that character needs to do the honourable thing and acknowledge that he's been killed. If he wants a cross-realm storyline, there ya go. His demise was logged and documented and witnessed by about 25 other writers. Then he brazenly shows up and opens his place again? Don't come to me on the pretence of friendship while disrespecting the game we've been playing, trying to sell us on the fact you want what's best for us. Because if you and him really cared about the state of roleplay, you should look to your own and urge him to do the right thing. Characters live and die, he got caught in an organic situation that was played out, required people's time and energy and then has the audaciousness to ignore that, because it’s no longer convenient.

He needs to man up and accept he got chewed up and spat out. Ironic that for all his animal rhetoric and feline motifs, he didn’t appreciate the lion’s den he was walking into that night, or he might still have some credibility left, because honestly, Savannah was swimming with sharks. Something he didn't realise until he'd lost his character.

The tragic part is this wasn’t even the first time the guy defied the legitimate death of his character, as many can attest. In fact it was already a cliché before we killed him. Honestly I thought people were exaggerating and I’m embarrassed it’s me whose having to bring it up at all. It’s beneath me really.

In closing, if any of you want our participation, Savannah Lion will have to apologise for his audacious double standard, admit the character is now dead and void all roleplay he's had with him, post Deathstalker, effectively closing Glenn Haven for good, because my character is still walking around with his skull.

Give us that then we'll talk.

If these conditions aren’t adhered to, that's unfortunate and your real agenda becomes much clearer, because we know a desperate power grab when we see one. Meaning this summit never had sincere aspirations in the first place, which frankly isn’t surprising. Reminds me a little of that Council of Elders thing, years ago.

Deathstalker didn’t participate in that either.

Who knows, maybe you’ll impress me?

Either way, our group will carry on, because it's what we do.

That said, I’m not an unreasonable man, so am willing to discuss terms. However I respect the history of the game too much, to not be as transparent as possible for the sake of my members. They know where I stand and nobody forces them to stand with me. They’ve made that decision themselves.

Although if you want a heads up on why we’ve succeeded, there is no magical secret, no mystical key which will ensure the longevity of the rooms on here, because we’ve watched the rest fall to the wayside and crumble, which is regrettable.

Believe it or not, we want the best for you all.

Respect, kindness and loyalty to your friends is what Deathstalker stands for and ultimately why we’ve endured.

Those who sought to undermine our achievements and were motivated by petty jealousies need to look in the mirror, because it was your own inadequacies as people which forced our hand when you were backhanded off your collective high horses. What did you think would happen when Deathstalker was slandered or disrespected? We hit back and typically hit harder.

What did you do?
You did nothing.

Be aware that it was your own bruised egos that keep you away, not our ban list, because really, we’re a friendly bunch of people who genuinely want to get on with everyone. Problems have arisen when our intelligence has been insulted. We rarely hold a grudge and are more than willing to welcome people back when the dust has settled. Just remember to be sincere, gracious and to approach us with honest hearts next time. Then you’ll receive all of that and more in return.

It should be understood that Deathstalker isn’t going away and its wiser to join us than oppose what we’ve built, through our grit, determination and pride. Either way, we’ll still be here doing what we do.

With or without you.


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