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 Post subject: Character Profile: Drenai Deathstalker
PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:38 am 
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Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:42 pm


Some call him a liberator.
Others a conqueror.
Most regard him a warlord.
Yet above all else…

He is the Emperor of the Deathstalker Empire.

His true age is a mystery but if the stories are to be believed, he was old when your ancestors were young.

The founder of a nation which became an Empire. One he reigned over for centuries only to vanish seemingly without trace. He returns from seclusion, to a Time where his decedents have passed into memory. Picking up where he left off. Ensuring the Deathstalker bloodline continues.

The Emperor of a Realm that spans thousands of miles in every direction. Under blazing suns, evergreen tranquillity and freezing climates, does the red and black flag fly.

He appears as a dark sentinel. A Titan. Enshrined in monstrous, yet meticulously crafted armour. A looming seven feet of metal, like some kind of nightmarish fantasy. The crest of his beloved Deathstalker Empire emblazoned on the breastplate. While from the massive width of his shoulders hangs a crimson cape. Dragging across the marbled corridors of the fortress.

The ever trustworthy Soul Bleeder remains aloft his back. Itself a large battle-axe. The blade forged in a butterfly style design. The silver-like steel reflecting innumerable sources of illumination. The crescent edges forming arcs in the metal. While Runes of an exotic, ancient origin are edged throughout the weapons extensive hilt. Crested and jewelled. It bears the emblem of Deathstalker also.Yet in despite of its decoration, there is a crude, base intent. Economic in its design. To maim and dismember. To mutilate and kill.

Despite the Emperor’s ominous image his is a timeless handsomeness. Square jawed with an athletic physique. A depth of soul behind enthralling eyes of violet. For he has seen men and women like you before. Known and loved them well. Embraced some as companions and lovers. Exposed others as cowards… Emanating a natural charm and charisma, he greets you with an easy smile. For we are all friends here.

The colours, music and majesty of a new Age, upon us.

Class: Warblade (D&D Prestige Class)
Level: 30
Race: Nephilim
Sex: Male
Age: 1036
Height: 7ft
Weight: 300 pounds
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Weapon Specialties
Master: Axe-Man
Master: Flail & Shield
Supreme: Swordsmanship
Expert: Archer

Unarmed Proficiencies
Bare-knuckle boxing

Optimum physical conditioning

Racial Abilities
Epic strength
Extrasensory vision and hearing
Divine fortune
Immune to harmful effects of fire
Immune to curses, hexes and most poisons

"I was born for war. I have the heart of a lion, the swiftness of an eagle, and the strength of a dragon. In battle I find purpose, in conflict perfection, and in victory exaltation. The gods themselves envy my hour of glory."
-- Arzimon, a warblade

The warblade was born for conflict. Swift, strong, enduring, and utterly confident in his martial skills, he seeks to test himself against worthy foes. Battle is beautiful to him -- a perfect moment in which life hangs suspended on the bright edge of a sword. Sheer combat skill is important to a warblade, so he trains intensely with his chosen weapons. But even more important are his athleticism, endurance, daring, recklessness, and joy in the hour of danger. Warblades, often called sword princes, live for the chance to test themselves in battle -- the stronger the foe, the greater the glory once an enemy is defeated.

A warblade is a front-line melee combatant, much like a barbarian or fighter. He engages his enemies toe to toe and defeats them through skill at arms.

Abilities: Pure physical perfection is a warblade's ideal, so strength, dexterity and constitution are all vital to him. Because mastering a bewildering variety of martial maneuvers is difficult, intelligence is also important to a warblade, because he appreciates the bonus skill points, and many of his class features reward a high intelligence bonus. Given the choice between wisdom and charisma, a warblade is more likely to boost the latter -- the better to wear the mantle of glory he hopes to win with his deeds on the battlefield.

Alignment: A warblade can choose any alignment, though many prefer chaotic over lawful. After all, a warblade seeks to win glory through individual deeds of prowess, so he is unlikely to adopt a personal code emphasizing obedience over freedom to improvise. Good warblades are champions of the weak and downtrodden; evil ones are vicious warlords who exult in the defeat and humiliation of their foes.

Class Features: When fighting, Drenai relies on an ever-increasing repertoire of spectacular martial maneuvers.

Source: Tome of Battle - The Book of Nine Swords


Diamond Mind

Action Before Thought
Avalanche of Blades
Bounding Assault
Diamond Defence
Diamond Nightmare Blade
Disrupting Blow
Emerald Razor
Hearing the Air
Insightful Strike
Insightful Strike, Greater
Mind over Body
Mind Strike
Moment of Alacrity
Moment of Perfect Mind
Pearl of Black Doubt
Quicksilver Motion
Rapid Counter
Ruby Nightmare Blade
Sapphire Nightmare Blade
Stance of Alacrity
Stance of Clarity
Time Stands Still

Iron Heart

Absolute Steel
Adamantine Hurricane
Dazing Strike
Disarming Strike
Iron Heart Endurance
Iron Heart Focus
Iron Heart Surge
Lightning Recovery
Mithral Tornado
Punishing Stance
Scything Blade
Steel Wind
Steely Strike
Strike of Perfect Clarity
Wall of Blades
Dancing Blade Form
Exorcism of Steel
Finishing Move
Lightning Throw
Supreme Blade Parry
Manticore Parry

Typist Note: Drenai is overpowered as fuck. To make it fair, I’ve included a dice mechanism loosely inherited from D&D, meaning his more powerful abilities are dependent on successful rolls.


Soul Bleeder
Arguably the most famous battle axe to be forged, it is the Emperor’s signature weapon. As its name suggests, it possess an evil power and is entrenched in blood magic. This near-unbreakable item is imbued with a vampiric ability allowing its user to restore their fatigue and recover from injury by siphoning the life force of its victims. Activated on a 15 or more (d20)

During the aftermath of battle, the souls of men, women and creatures slain by the axe are ensnared in the blade. Trapped within the grim weapon forever. In subsequent years, the Warlord – (with the help of the Royal Necromancer) discovered to his fascination that he could summon the ghosts of beings contained within Soul Bleeder; conjuring phantom warriors to aid him in battle – if defeated they are banished within the eerie metal once more. Activated on a 15 or more (d20)

Sword of Ran Gor
Also known as the prophecy blade, it grants the carrier the gift of clairvoyance allowing him to anticipate death blows and pivotal moments in a battle, giving him an appropriate bonus to blocking and dodging. He doesn’t have to be wielding the weapon in active combat to receive these benefits, but he must at least be in physical contact with the sword. Activated on a 10 or more (d20)

Sword of Uriel
Angelic sword of Celestia, the prodigious weapon was created in New Jerusalem countless millennia ago. Its former owner was the Arch Angel Uriel before he collided with a demon in a cosmological showdown. During this primordial encounter, the blade was struck from the six-winged angel’s hand. Tearing a rip in the fabric of existence and crashing to Larlandarl like a comet, where it was discovered by Drenai who'd ventured across the seas at the behest of heathen gods. Recognising that it was never intended for mortal use (and least of all a pagan king) the Titan has yet to wield it in battle. Accepting that to do so would unleash a force of unprecedented devastation.

•Drawing the Sword of Uriel in a combat scenario has severe implications on the environment, triggering a number of area-of-effect spells. Including a ferocious wind and causing the ground to shake violently. Activated on a 15 or more (d20)

•Because of the blade’s divine composition, it is especially harmful to characters of dark orientation such as vampires, demons, poltergeists and undead creatures. Emitting a celestial Light of purging. Activated on a 15 or more (d20)

Equipment & Artifacts

Breastplate of Mirrors
Black armour worn on a frame of immense and blatant strength, with thick angular plates of riveted, darkened steel that are edged in gold. Rampant dragons and glowering demons protrude from the pauldrons and knees, embossed into the unyielding metal.

However the Emperor's breastplate specifically, can be distinguished as unique. Often equated with black glass or obsidian, the archaic metal is comprised of rare asteroid fragments. Such is the mystical composition of the steel, the surface of the breastplate partially resembles a mirror.

Absorbing far more than merely the reflection of a foe Drenai is embroiled in combat with. Temporarily capturing a piece of their being as well. Retaining a semblance of their essence. Remembering it. These distorted glimpses of an opponent, when seized by the surface of the armour, serve as a conduit, creating an intangible link to an enemy's corporeal form, placing a curse on them.

Exploiting an enemy's reflection, sending damage back towards an attacker.

In this way, a quarter of incurred physical damage is returned on a 15 or more (d20)

Gauntlet of Chronomancy
Worn on his right hand, across his forearm reaching to the length of his elbow, this gold encrusted gauntlet is augmented with green jewels across its knuckles. Thereafter a mosaic of a three headed god is intricately detailed in an ivory outline. The artifact infused with the power of the ancient, forgotten deity Chronos. Serpentine in form, with the head of a man, bull and lion, the elaborate imagery stretches across the entirety of the gleaming glove. Depicting Father Time himself, coiled around the World Egg. Splitting it apart from the ordered universe of Earth, Sea and Sky.

Due to the chronomantic power harnessed in the gauntlet, the Warlord is able to produce a miniature paradox. Shortening the time it would take to pull off certain manoeuvres and increasing the velocity of his attacks, his movements reverberating into the past and future, creating an echo effect. Activated on a 15 or more (d20)

Gauntlet of Storms
Once owned by Akkad the Plunderer, the Gauntlet of Storms is worn on the Emperor’s left hand and encompasses Drenai's forearm. Bedecked with crystalline blue and transparent gems embedded on the knuckles, this ornate metal glove is engraved with runes that resemble Norse scripture. Channeling the divine abilities of Viking gods, this highly sought after artifact allows the wearer to blast out lightning bolts. The Emperor able to smash through concrete and bone in his wake. Furthermore, to be struck by the gauntlet directly, is to endure a blow of thunderous destruction. Activated on a 10 or more (d20)

Cloak of Ethereal Shifting
The cloak permits the wearer to Shift in and out of Reality, by spanning short distances on a battlefield. Closely resembling the D&D Greater Blink spell, it is triggered with a purposeful thrust of the cloak. Allowing the wearer to evade one combat scenario and then re-enter from a different direction, via an accelerated type of teleportation.

He teleports by displacing himself into an ethereal dimension, traveling through it, and then returning to our more solid material reality at a certain distance. He consciously determines his point of return. The entire process occurs so quickly that Drenai is unaware of being in another dimension at all. Guiding himself through it by an unconscious, natural direction-finding sense. Rapidly shifting in and out of his environment in seconds.

In this way, Drenai may deliver a violent onslaught of attacks, before disappearing and then ambushing his foe during rapid reappearances. Such an unorthodox fighting method allows for spontaneous strikes. Activated on a 15 or more (d20)

Crown of Telekinesis
A gleaming obsidian circlet rests above the Nephilim’s brow. Conjuring an image of regal authority, while affixed at the centre is a small onyx skull. Meanwhile, within its alcove sockets are two sparkling purple gems. These permit the wearer to move objects of great size and distance via mental instruction. Levitating articles and debris, sending them hurtling towards a target. Creating an invisible projection of magnetic force towards a foe known as Violent Thrust. Or if applying it towards the ground, the force will rebound and 'push' Drenai into the air. Giving the impression that he is leaping great distances or perhaps even flying. The Crown of Telekinesis can also be used to suspend missiles (such as arrows) in mid-air and even send them back. Activated on a 15 or more (d20)

Archaic dragon sorcerers hearkening from the Mountains of Demiurge have adorned the Emperor's great physique with invisible ink. The obvious benefit is that each of these tattoos, serve as a type of warding. Constituting a different spell that either work as a contingency or triggered when the correct command word is uttered.

Third Eye
The image of an eye is tattooed on his forehead with invisible ink, only becoming visible if its sentient power is awoken, glowing dark blue. A contingency against mental intrusion, such as telepathic attacks. It provides a mental block that fortifies Drenai’s thoughts. Furthermore the aggressor’s own mind then becomes exposed, susceptible to subtle powers of suggestion prompting them to cease attacking or run away. Activated on a 15 or more (d20)

Globe of Flame

The outstretched wings of a Phoenix are inked on the Titan's chest, using the same technique. Glowing bright yellow if triggered with the appropriate action of aligning his forearms and locking his elbows into his chest. The Nephilim need only speak the command word which is 'flame.' Causing an eruption of ferocious fire. Being of magical origin, Drenai is immune to the combustible effects that mystically pass through his armour, before bursting from the Emperor’s body in an explosion covering a radius of about ten feet. The flammable blast may be dispelled by a wizard but it harms opponents as if it were genuine elemental fire. Setting them alight if within proximity. Activated on a 15 or more (d20)

Stone Skin
A mountain is inked on his back with invisible ink. Whispering the trigger-word that initiates the third mystical tattoo, Drenai's face darkens to the shade of granite as if the molecules that comprise his genetic structure have reconfigured to replicate not only the appearance but resilience of stone. Thus for a limited time (5 hits) the Titan can withstand all but the very worst of collisions.

The Titan rises undeterred, like a statue come alive capable of action and thought. Activated on a 10 or more (d20)

Aura of Protection
The tattoo of a luminescent star is inked upon Drenai’s abdomen. Representing the final spell bestowed by the dragon sorcerers. When triggered, a green aura of light envelops the Warlord. A protective bubble of power withstanding damage, by way of contingency. However such is the sophistication of the magic, it does not prevent Drenai from attacking as normal. (Lasts for 30 minutes, once activated/withstanding 10 average hits or an explosion) Activated on a 15 or more (d20)

Battle Spells

Wrath of Celestia
In an almost choreographed series of manoeuvres that see Drenai perform an unusual sequence of swings and arcing strikes, the Warlord carves a pattern in the air. Causing white streams of energy to trail the movement of his blade. Producing raw, elemental light, which burns deep into the fabric of reality, generating an Enochian rune. Upon the completion of this intricate angel writing, the rune emits a powerful discharge of holy energy. Activated on an 18 or more (d20)

Dragon Words
While no sorcerer, the Warlord's natural curiosity and centuries of existence have allowed him to learn the pronunciation of specific words in ancient dragon tongue. What are civilised terms to a dragon are great guttural shouts to men.

Outstretching his hand the Titan can emit a blinding flash of light from his hand. Stunning or temporarily blinding a foe if in close proximity. Activated on a 10 or more (d20)

The weapon and armour of a foe is aged and weakened and ultimately is less resilient and prone to shattering/breakage. Activated on a 15 or more (d20)

Attached to his belt, secured behind his cape, is a Bag of Holding.
Within are items, objects and potions:

Demon Seeds
The essence of a captured demon imbued in a combustible gem of varying colour. To strike one against the ground and shatter the gem, not only destroys the trapped demon but detonates a supernatural shockwave.

Stone of Dead Magic
Enclosed in a small lead box, it emanates a discharge of Anti-Magic. Nullifying spells and mystical abilities.

Rod of Teleportation
Resembling a magic wand, to snap it in half immediately whisks the carrier away to a pre-designated area of sanctuary.


Imperial Guards: Traditionally helmed spearmen, crossbow men and archers. Clad in light armour and red capes. [Mid-level fighters]

Imperial Sentinels: Towering plated centurions, clad in silver infused mithril. The gleaming imperial crest on their breastplates. The runes engraved in their attire serving as a ward against basic mystical assaults. Equipped with broadswords, maces, warhammers and axes. [High-level fighters]

Arcane Paladins: Clad in gold coloured metal, with white capes. Their power is inherited from the Mother Goddess, Sophia. They exhibit a plethora of battle spells, perfectly merging sword and sorcery. [High-level fighters & Mid-level casters]

War Wizards: Red robed casters, disciplined in the most combustible and explosive kinds of magic. Excellent at area-of-effect spells. Lightning and fire are their traditional elements. [High-level casters]

Shadow Ravens:
Stealth and trickery are the method in which they lend themselves to combat scenarios. The Emperor’s standard defence against assassination attempts. Clad in leathers and light cloths. Equipped with crossbows, short swords and combustible grappling hooks.[/size][/font]


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